Resume and Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Your resume or curriculum vitae (CV) is a professional document summarizing your abilities, education, and experience. It should highlight your strongest assets and differentiate you from other candidates.

You'll use these documents for job applications, graduate school applications, organization or scholarship applications, and networking. It’s a good idea to have an updated resume or curriculum vitae (CV) on hand even if you are not actively job seeking. You never know when a good opportunity may present itself.

What is the difference between a resume and a curriculum vitae (CV)?

Some employers use “resume” and “curriculum vitae” (or “CV”) interchangeably, but compared to a resume, a CV is typically longer (two or more pages) and includes more complete information about a candidate’s research background, presentations, publications, committee memberships and other experience of an academic nature. CVs are typically used to apply to graduate programs and academic or research jobs.