Interview Practice

Why Interview Practice Matters

Preparing and practicing your answers to interview questions ahead of time is one of the most valuable things you can do to prepare for an interview.

You want your answers to demonstrate that you are the best candidate by connecting your skills and experience directly to the qualifications in the job description.

Practice out loud until you are able to answer interview questions naturally and with confidence.

Ways to Practice

  • Use the free BigInterview training and practice tool anytime, online, 24/7
  • Come to walk-in hours to develop and practice your answers in a safe space
  • Make an appointment to do a mock interview with a professional career coach


BigInterview is a virtual interview practice tool that mimics a real-life job interview.

It also offers video and written lessons on professional communication skills, workplace etiquette, social media presence, wardrobe, body language and much more.

BigInterview combines training and practice to help improve interview skills and build confidence. The service is free for UC students and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

With BigInterview you can:

  • Customize interview questions based on the industry or job you’re pursuing
  • Share your interview video with career center staff, parents, a friend or mentor to gather more feedback
  • Rate yourself on various criteria

Getting Started

  1. Go to BigInterview's UC portal. (We recommend using the latest version of Chrome or Firefox.)
  2. Log in with your UC credentials.
  3. If you have been given an assignment code, enter it in the Assignment Code box. Assignment codes are provided by your professor or advisor and take you to a specific practice interview assignment. If you don't have an assignment code, simply click "Practice" and "Practice Interviews" to get started.

Getting Feedback

At the end of the interview, you have the option to request a counselor review or conduct a self-assessment.

Want more practice?

If you would like additional interview practice, you can come to walk-in hours or make an appointment with a career coach.