Faculty and Staff

Headshot of  Gisela (Gigi) M. Escoe, PhD

Gisela (Gigi) M. Escoe, PhD

Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies and Dean

Headshot of  Hang (Helen) Chen, PhD

Hang (Helen) Chen, PhD

Associate Provost & Executive Director

(513) 556-4632

Headshot of Jeremy Harvey

Jeremy Harvey

Director of Business Affairs

(513) 556-9769

Headshot of Michelle Clare

Michelle Clare

Senior Director, Partnership Development, Career Education, and Marketing, Communications and Events

(513) 556-5020

Headshot of Cindy Damschroder, MA, MSArch

Cindy Damschroder, MA, MSArch

Senior Director, Academic Operations

(513) 556-0334

Headshot of Susan Frazer

Susan Frazer

Associate to the Dean of Experience-Based Learning and Career Education

(513) 556-4632

Headshot of Jake Boger

Jake Boger

Human Resources Coordinator

(513) 556-5859

Headshot of Kate Prew

Kate Prew

Human Resources Coordinator

Headshot of Ellie Bridges

Ellie Bridges

Director, Bearcat Promise Career Studio

(513) 556-0318

Headshot of Shannon Lehwald

Shannon Lehwald

Assistant Director, Bearcat Promise Career Studio and Career Coach for Allied Health Sciences and Nursing

(513) 556-0898

Headshot of Charlie Thornton

Charlie Thornton

Career Coach for Arts & Sciences, College-Conservatory of Music, and Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services

(513) 556-3471

Headshot of Doug Mohr

Doug Mohr

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities


Headshot of Emily Flannery

Emily Flannery

Co-Director and Associate Professor, Fashion Design

(513) 556-3720

Headshot of Lisa Barlow

Lisa Barlow

Co-Director and Associate Professor, Communication Design

(513) 556-0336

Headshot of Aaron Bradley

Aaron Bradley

Associate Professor, Creative, Culture, and Social Impact Initiatives

(513) 556-0329

Headshot of Brianna Brailey

Brianna Brailey

Assistant Professor, Communication Design

(513) 556-0322

Headshot of Maureen Buri

Maureen Buri

Assistant Professor, Fine Arts

(513) 556-3579

Headshot of  Kimberly Burke

Kimberly Burke

Assistant Professor, Architecture and Interior Design

(513) 556-3128

Headshot of Alexander Christoforidis

Alexander Christoforidis

Associate Professor, Architecture/MA Architecture

(513) 556-5159

Headshot of Cindy Damschroder, MA, MSArch

Cindy Damschroder, MA, MSArch

Associate Professor, Interior Design

(513) 556-0334

Headshot of Beth Anne Herrin

Beth Anne Herrin

Assistant Professor, Industrial Design

(513) 556-5686

Headshot of Hilary Lewallen

Hilary Lewallen

Visiting Assistant Professor, Fine Arts, Experiential Explorations Program Initiatives (DAAP), Master of Design

Headshot of Frederick Lutt, AICP, RLA

Frederick Lutt, AICP, RLA

Associate Professor, Urban Planning, Master of Community Planning, Master of Landscape Architecture

(513) 556-0399

Headshot of Kim Martin

Kim Martin

Visiting Assistant Professor, Fashion Design and Industrial Design

Headshot of Erik Alanson

Erik Alanson

Director and Associate Professor, MS in Information Technology

(513) 556-2667

Headshot of Dewey B. Clark, Jr.

Dewey B. Clark, Jr.

Assistant Professor, Computer Science

(513) 556-6348

Headshot of Samantha Groh

Samantha Groh

Assistant Professor, Computer Science

(513) 556-3518

Headshot of Rich Hoyt

Rich Hoyt

Assistant Professor, Information Technology and Cybersecurity

(513) 556-0305

Headshot of Nadia Ibrahim-Taney

Nadia Ibrahim-Taney

Assistant Professor, Information Technology and Cybersecurity

(513) 556-4679

Headshot of Liz Pawley

Liz Pawley

Visiting Assistant Professor, Computer Engineering

(513) 556-0312

Headshot of Kenneth R. Pope

Kenneth R. Pope

Assistant Professor, Information Technology and Cybersecurity

(513) 556-0328

Headshot of Raechel Scarchilli

Raechel Scarchilli

Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering

(513) 556-0350

Headshot of  James Tappel

James Tappel

Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering Technology, and Cybersecurity Engineering

(513) 556-9771

Headshot of Chris Tonnis

Chris Tonnis

Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering and Electrical Engineering Technology

(513) 556-2667

Headshot of Christopher Cooper

Christopher Cooper

Director and Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

(513) 556-0377

Headshot of Brittany Arthur, PhD

Brittany Arthur, PhD

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

(513) 556-6569

Headshot of Kimberly Demko-Trusty

Kimberly Demko-Trusty

Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering

(513) 258-7114

Headshot of Jill Flood

Jill Flood

Associate Professor, Construction Management

(513) 556-4413

Headshot of Doreen Grontkowski

Doreen Grontkowski

Assistant Professor, Aerospace Engineering

(513) 556-6586

Headshot of Beth Hanson, PhD

Beth Hanson, PhD

Assistant Professor, Environmental Engineering and Architectural Engineering

(513) 556-2950

Headshot of Stacey Hummeldorf

Stacey Hummeldorf

Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering

(513) 556-9073

Headshot of Annie Kelly

Annie Kelly

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Headshot of Elsheika Pennerman

Elsheika Pennerman

Visiting Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering

Headshot of Richard Robles

Richard Robles

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering Technology

(513) 556-0337

Headshot of Maureen Schomaker

Maureen Schomaker

Associate Professor, Civil Engineering

(513) 556-6048

Headshot of Todd J. Foley, PhD

Todd J. Foley, PhD

Director and Associate Professor

(513) 556-5884

Headshot of Stephanie Kollmann Baker

Stephanie Kollmann Baker

Program Manager

(513) 556-0330

Headshot of Kathleen Sullivan

Kathleen Sullivan

Grants Administrator

(513) 556-3055

Headshot of Niven Herro, PhD

Niven Herro, PhD

Grant Writer

(513) 556-2601

Headshot of Willie D. Clark III

Willie D. Clark III

Director and Associate Professor

(513) 556-0354

Headshot of Erin Bove

Erin Bove

Associate Director

(513) 556-4535

Headshot of  Suzanne Schindler

Suzanne Schindler

Events and Marketing

(513) 556-7234

Headshot of Emily Sullivan

Emily Sullivan

Marketing and Communications

(513) 556-0333

Headshot of Annie Straka, PhD

Annie Straka, PhD

Director and Associate Professor

(513) 556-0352

Headshot of Erin Alanson

Erin Alanson

Director of Multidisciplinary Curriculum Initiatives and Assistant Professor

(513) 556-0313

Headshot of Emily Frazier

Emily Frazier

Associate Professor

(513) 556-0083

Headshot of Jessica Lee

Jessica Lee

Visiting Assistant Professor

Headshot of Heather Nester, MHR

Heather Nester, MHR

Assistant Professor

(513) 556-0316

Headshot of Robin Selzer, PhD

Robin Selzer, PhD

Associate Professor, Pre-Health

(513) 556-0387

Headshot of Brodie Theis

Brodie Theis

Associate Professor

(513) 556-5671

Headshot of Kelly Thompson

Kelly Thompson

On-Campus Co-op Director

(513) 556-0314

Headshot of Jason Britton

Jason Britton


(513) 556-0151

Headshot of Amy Atterholt

Amy Atterholt

Partnership Development Coordinator

Headshot of Felicia Eschenlohr

Felicia Eschenlohr

Partnership Development Recruiting Manager

(513) 556-6526

Headshot of Paula Harper

Paula Harper

Assistant Director

(513) 556-9811

Headshot of Joshua Longley

Joshua Longley

Partnership Development Team Lead

(513) 556-6009

Headshot of Marihelen Millar

Marihelen Millar

Associate Director

(513) 556-5236

Headshot of Afton Palmer

Afton Palmer

Partnership Development Coordinator

Headshot of Michael Parsons

Michael Parsons

Employer Relations Coordinator, NEXT Apprenticeship Coordinator

(513) 556-6110

Headshot of Brandon Prew

Brandon Prew

Partnership Development Team Lead

(513) 556-6031

Headshot of Cordelia Schack-Edmiston

Cordelia Schack-Edmiston

Partnership Development Operations Manager

Headshot of Maddie Schneider

Maddie Schneider

Partnership Development Coordinator

Headshot of Chris Schroeder, MBA, JD

Chris Schroeder, MBA, JD

Partnership Development Coordinator

Headshot of Julie Varga

Julie Varga

Partnership Development Coordinator

(513) 556-6004

Headshot of Michael Sharp, Ed.D.

Michael Sharp, Ed.D.

Service Learning Director and Associate Professor

(513) 556-3282

Headshot of Kate Durso

Kate Durso

Service-Learning Co-op Program Manager

(513) 558-0100

Headshot of Stephanie Kollmann Baker

Stephanie Kollmann Baker

Program Manager

(513) 556-0330

Headshot of Frank Russell

Frank Russell

UC Forward Director and Associate Professor

(513) 556-3282

Headshot of Stephanie Kollmann Baker

Stephanie Kollmann Baker

Program Manager

(513) 556-0330

Headshot of  Megan Lamkin, PhD

Megan Lamkin, PhD

Undergraduate Research Director and Assistant Professor

(513) 556-3256

Headshot of Stephanie Kollmann Baker

Stephanie Kollmann Baker

Program Manager

(513) 556-0330