Choosing a Career

Contemplating a future career can be daunting but also exciting.

Choosing a career is an ongoing process. Your values, skills, interests and ambitions will evolve over time. What you do in your first few years out of college is not necessarily what you’ll do for the rest of your life. That said, you have to start sometime, and college is a good time to start.

Career development is a cycle that you'll go through multiple times in your life. Each cycle has the same stages: get to know yourself, explore options, narrow your focus, and take action.

Wherever you are in the cycle, peer and professional career coaches are here to help you. Come to walk-in hours or make an appointment for guidance anytime, or visit the career office for your college if you are a student at UC Blue Ash, UC Clermont, or the Lindner College of Business.

Career development represented as a wheel with four parts: Know Yourself, Explore Options, Get Focused, and Take Action. Listed under "Know Yourself" are values, interests, strengths, traits, ambitions. Under "Explore Options," the list is occupational research, industry trends, and career options for degree. Under "Get Focused," the list is decision making, goal setting, and action planning. Under "Take Action," the list is gain experience, job search tools, and connect with employers.

Career development is an ongoing cycle, represented as a wheel with four stages