On-Campus Co-op

An on-campus co-op gives students in any major an opportunity to earn and learn through a meaningful work experience that lays a foundation for a successful career.

Why consider an on-campus co-op?

  • Income: Earn up to $18 per hour to help offset tuition and living expenses (up to $5,400 per semester)
  • Versatile: Learn cross-cutting skills that apply to any field or industry
  • Fits into your schedule: Work five to 20 hours per week
  • Convenient: Work right on campus

What Students Say

"The managers you have are better because they invest in you and will bring you along as a mentee." -- Miles Spearman, on-campus co-op with UC Marketing+Brand Read more of Miles' comments

“Through this opportunity...I developed valuable relationships and transferable skills. [It] has given me the confidence to tackle the next step in my career journey.” -- Arin Gentry, Peer Career Coach

“Having an on-campus co-op allowed me to have a competitive edge when looking for a full-time job and continuously impressed employers when I was able to speak about the experiences I had on campus!” -- Michael Santangelo, Peer Career Coach

“Participating in an on-campus co-op was honestly one of the best experiences I have had in college. Not only did it allow me to dive deeper into how the curriculum in my majors related to potential career paths, but it also challenged me to reflect on how I can use these experiences to make myself more marketable for graduate school and future potential employment. This experience has also deepened my understanding of how to use and develop transferable skills that can carry on to my future endeavors.” -- Dylanie Schultz, Learning Commons Peer Educator

Learning While Earning

During your co-op, you take an online course that focuses on workplace etiquette, goal-setting, reflection and how to identify, develop, and articulate cross-cutting skills such as customer service, communication, leadership, and teamwork that every employer looks for.

Developing these skills in yourself and being able to articulate them can help you rise to a leadership role in your on-campus co-op or be better prepared – and more competitive – for a future off-campus internship or full-time job.

Where Can I Work?

The following UC departments hire student co-ops, and more are being added all the time:

How to Find an On-Campus Co-op

You can find on-campus co-ops using UC’s career platform Handshake. After logging in, follow the link to Part Time On-Campus Co-ops, which updates daily with new postings. Alternatively, click Jobs, then apply the filter labeled "On Campus." Then, look for "co-op" in job titles or enter "co-op" in the search box.

Work Authorization for International Students

International students are allowed to work on campus up to 20 hours per week during a semester in which they are enrolled in classes full-time.

Students who are completing an on-campus co-op are not required to submit a Curricular Practical Training (CPT) request to UC International Services.

International students may not use the COOP-1000 course as a way to obtain authorization to exceed the limit of 20 hours per week.

Students who are not currently active in the University Human Resources (HR) system should contact UC International Services to complete onboarding.


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