Exploring Research Group Consultations

Exploring Research Group Consultations are for any undergraduate student, in any discipline, who might be interested in doing original research at some point in their academic career. They are offered twice weekly throughout the fall and spring semesters, with virtual and in-person options.

To prepare for the session, please do the following:

  1. Watch two short videos:
    1. Undergraduate Research: What. Why. How, Part 1 (5:40), focused on the "What and Why," and
    2. Undergraduate Research: What. Why. How, Part 2 (5:05), focused on the "How"
  2. Reflect on your responses to the following questions:
    1. What kind of experience am I looking for?
    2. What steps can I take to access the type of experience I want?
    3. How many hours per week am I willing to volunteer with a research group before I seek course credit or monetary compensation?
    4. Dr. Lamkin often tells students, “Research opportunities often don’t exist until they do.” What does she mean by that?
  3. View dates and register for a session.

Whether you are a first-year student or have just one more year to go, this is a great time to explore research. Engaging people in our network is a wonderful way to discover diverse research environments and diverse forms of research activity. It is also a great way to home in on an opportunity that’s socially, intellectually, and professionally satisfying.