Experiential Learning

Recorded five-minute video presentations for the Undergraduate Scholarly Showcase in Category B: Experiential Learning, Projects B-01 through B-04.

B-01: Envisioning the Future of the University of Cincinnati's International Experience Program

Kyle Carnell, Communication
Sarah Steinhaus, Communication
Tori Clark, Communication
Project Advisor: Michael Sharp
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When exploring the future possibilities of the University of Cincinnati's International Experience Program, conducting market research on international service learning and utilizing data obtained to identify opportunities and recommendations for expansion was key. By analyzing the data received in the form of a university wide survey, we were able to comprehensively identify two new preferential service-learning locations which, in turn, provided the program coordinators a valuable and exciting insight into what the future could hold for the university and its students. A comprehensive, detailed and informative deliverable was compiled which will help shape the vision for the program's future generation of participants.

B-02: The Future of Global Experiential Learning: Paving the Way for Future Students

Logan Lusk, Communication
Josh Niehaus, Communication
Nathan Hatcher, Communication
Lilia Colon, Communication
Project Advisor: Michael Sharp
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This video presentation will tell the story of our overall project charge throughout the semester in the service-learning Collaboratory. Our overall charge is to find potential partners for the service learning Collaboratory course as well as the International Experience Program (IEP). These partners will idealistically create new horizons and opportunities for students taking part in the course as well as a chance to involve more diverse departments at the University of Cincinnati into the course and its respective students. Additionally, we're also devising and marketing strategies and tactics to encourage students to enroll in the course, completed alongside a brochure to tell those may be interested more about the opportunities that it offers.

B-03: Service Learning-Collaboratory: India Experiences

Julia Miller, Communication
Caroline Bahner, Communication
Sarah Huffman, Communication
Kate Bertsch-Jones, Communication
Project Advisor: Michael Sharp
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This video presentation will tell the story of broadening the University of Cincinnati's network by establishing connections with local and regional partners to create opportunities for UC students in India. Furthermore, our commitment extends to developing a comprehensive portfolio outlining the framework of the CCPS UC International Experiential Program in India. By meticulously documenting every aspect of the program, we aim to encapsulate its essence and vision by the project's culmination.

Our methods included fully understanding the problem set as assigned by the client. This required us to not only research the client but to interact with the client several times, asking critical questions, and ensuring that we fully understood what was being asked. This step was followed by identifying potential solutions which were vetted with the client, this, after having an ambitious list the third-party providers who were contacted via email. After hearing back from potential partners, we shared this information with the client. The client then identified those of which we should reach out to and pursue. We then established connections and pivoted towards the process of creating final deliverables for the client.

This research experience has benefitted the group tremendously including the individuals in it. We have learnt to wrestle with ambiguity, overcoming obstacles, and demonstrating collective impact within our group and larger class so that our final deliverable for the client will be of high value and impact. The final deliverable given to the client included a vetted partner, and a detailed portfolio of potential curriculum.

B-04: Service-Learning Collaboratory: International Education Opportunities

Erin Fultz, Communication
Nina Jaeger, Communicaiton
Shane Farrell, Communication
Project Advisor: Michael Sharp
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This video presentation will display the progress and outcomes of our group's mission to incorporate service learning into the faculty-led study abroad in Vancouver, Canada. The research team worked alongside the College of Cooperative Education and Professional Studies and the International Experience Program to bring the University of Cincinnati's service-learning program abroad. At the time of writing, we were working with the client to finalize the budget and itinerary for said trip to Vancouver as well as finding an organization to partner with for experiential learning. We were able to confirm the itinerary and budget with the client; elaborating on the previous itinerary and budget being used for the trip. We also developed marketing materials and strategies to present to students in an effort to gain interest. The client used these materials to plan the upcoming Service-Learning trip to Vancouver, Canada, and the introduction of UC's Service-Learning program abroad.