Undergraduate Research Fellowship


The aim of the Undergraduate Research (UGR) Fellowship Program is to motivate and empower undergraduate students to pursue their research. Undergraduate students may request up to $700 in Fellowship funding to help offset the cost of supplies, conference presentations, publication and travel to field sites.

Fellowship Application Process

Students submit an application through GetInvolvedUC. The application form requires the following information:

  1. Applicant name, email address and M-number
  2. Majors/Minors/Certificates
  3. Research Advisor name, email address and department
  4. Name and email address of your department’s Undergraduate Director and/or Department Head
  5. Name and email address of the Business Administrator of your Research Advisor’s department
  6. Confirmation that the Business Administrator is willing to receive the fellowship, allocate the funds to you, and maintain receipts for expenses
  7. Research summary, broken into four short-answer prompts:
    • Title of research project
    • Main research question(s): 1-2 sentences
    • General research strategy: 1-2 sentences
    • New knowledge/understanding or creative/technical innovation produced (or anticipated)
  8. Type of research activity the fellowship will support (choose from Supplies, Conference Travel, Publication, Travel to Field Site, Other; if “other”, please explain)
  9. Funding amount requested (up to $700)
  10. Estimated budget (list each item needed and estimated cost of each item; do not include items covered by other sources)
  11. Interest in presenting research at UC’s Undergraduate Scholarly Showcase

Fellowship Selection Process

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis by a joint committee consisting of representatives from the University Funding Board, Undergraduate Student Government and the Undergraduate Research Society.

Fellowships will be awarded to students who clearly describe their research project and needs. If the research project or needs are unclear, the student will have the opportunity to revise and resubmit the application. Fellowships will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis as long as funding remains.

The annual budget for fellowship allocation is $25,000. To ensure disciplinary inclusion in the selection process, no more than $2,500 will be allocated to majors in a single department and no more than $15,000 will be allocated to students in STEM disciplines. If AHSS (arts, humanities and social sciences) majors are underrepresented in the applicant pool, special promotions targeting these populations will be implemented.

View Fellowship Allotments to see if funding is available for your major (UC login required).