Service-Learning for Students

Looking to get career experience and connect to your community in a supportive classroom environment? Check out a Service-Learning class! Service-Learning is an approach to education that helps you learn your course material while producing work of real value for a nonprofit organization that serves the community.

In a Service-Learning course, you will:

  • Build your professional network as you work directly with people in the community
  • Add high-impact work and new skills to your resume
  • Get the opportunity to learn about and empower your community
  • Learn the course material through real world, hands-on experience
  • Earn course credit

Many courses in every college across the university incorporate service-learning. These courses are marked with an "S" attribute in the course catalog.

To find a Service-Learning course:

  1. Search class offerings in the course catalogue
  2. Choose your semester
  3. Click Additional Search Criteria
  4. Course Attribute: choose “UC Transcripted Attributes”
  5. Course Attribute Value: choose “Service Learning Course”

There are also opportunities to get paid for your work at a nonprofit organization with our Service-Learning Co-op Program.

Next Steps

Are you looking for community service outside of a classroom setting or opportunities for individual service hours? Visit the UC Center For Community Engagement to find volunteer opportunities.