Student Spotlight

Miles Spearman '23 worked as an on-campus co-op for UC Marketing + Brand and ESPN+ while studying marketing, information systems and electronic media.

young man smiling with arms open on the sidelines of a football game

Miles Spearman '23 on the Nippert Stadium sidelines in his on-campus co-op job with UC Marketing+Brand. Photo/Andrew Higley/UC Marketing + Brand.

What has working in an on-campus co-op role meant to you as a UC student, and what impact do you think it has had?

Miles Spearman: Working as an on-campus co-op has been invaluable for two reasons: I wanted to work in social media, and I knew I needed marketing strategy and skills. Being on campus, I was able to marry the skills to create videos, and working with professional photographers and videographers was in my backyard. Other co-ops I completed did not take time to invest in me, and I got lower-level work. In each on-campus co-op role, I had a manager that invested in me by actively giving me projects [that] helped me build my portfolio.

What have been the most valuable aspects of working on campus?

Miles Spearman: The managers you have are better because they invest in you and will bring you along as a mentee. You meet other students and other people doing what you want to do in the education realm. [It also] demonstrated how valuable co-op is; I thought [only engineering students could do co-op] but I realized I could do co-op and do my passions and [though co-op] I realized you had to invest in your passion.

Miles' supervisor Andrew Higley adds: "When we hire co-ops, we want to provide them with the best experience possible while adding to their skill set and résumé. UC is a great place to work because it's such a diverse community. It's really a city within a city, and there's a huge variety of things to experience."  

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