Service-Learning Co-op

Get Paid for Nonprofit Work

The Service-Learning Co-op program gives students the opportunity to earn income, get real-world experience, and make valuable contributions to nonprofits in our community. Service-Learning Co-ops are available year-round and can be full-time, part-time, or project-based. Nonprofits can hire a student and student positions are funded by the University of Cincinnati, at little to no cost to the nonprofit organization, depending upon available funding and eligibility.

Hear directly from UC students about why Service-Learning Co-op was a great option for them!


Service-Learning Co-op is open to University of Cincinnati undergraduate students in any major outside of formal co-op majors. Service-Learning Co-ops are a great opportunity for students who are:

  • Interested in social change and addressing pressing social issue
  • Seeking a flexible job: work full-time (35+ hours a week), part-time (5-20 hours a week), or project specific (up to 80 hours per term
  • Interested in a variety of roles: Because nonprofits tend to work with a lean staff, you may develop skills in multiple areas, like marketing, fundraising, social media, event planning, communications, IT, or operations management.

Learning While Earning

You are required to complete an online professional development course during your Service-Learning Co-op. By taking the course, you'll develop a professional understanding of servant leadership and civic engagement while refining your career goals.


  • Make a difference: Service-Learning is your chance to connect with a nonprofit and make a personal impact on our world.
  • Develop life-long skills: You'll develop skills related to your major and transferable skills that apply to any field or industry.
  • Try something new: The flexibility of Service-Learning Co-op allows you to test a variety of career options.
  • Earn income to help pay for college tuition, books, meals or transportation. Note: Student wages are subsidized through grants coordinated through the University of Cincinnati, and some restrictions may apply.

How to Find a Service-Learning Co-op Opportunity

You can search for Service-Learning Co-op opportunities in UC’s career platform Handshake:

  1. Log into Handshake (
  2. Click "Jobs"
  3. Click "All filters"
  4. At the end of this menu, look for the filter “Labeled by your school." In that field, enter “Service-Learning Co-op” and click "Show results"
Find Service-Learning Co-op opportunities now in Handshake. Watch the video below for step-by-step instructions for finding Service-Learning co-op positions in Handshake.
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If you are interested in participating in the Service-Learning Co-op program, complete this form or contact Paula Harper. 

Headshot of Paula Harper

Paula Harper

Assistant Director, Service-Learning Co-op Program

(513) 556-9811