How the Program Works

As a graduate student with at least one semester of research experience, you first register to join the network. Then:

  1. You are added to the network roster.
  2. Undergraduates who attend an Exploring Research Group Consultation are informed of the option to connect with graduate students who are doing research in their area of interest to learn more about the field and potentially discover pathways to opportunity.
  3. Undergrads indicate their interest to the GA for Undergraduate Research. The GA will introduce you, by email, to up to four students per semester. The number depends on how many undergraduates are interested in your research topic. You might receive no introductions in a semester, or you might be introduced to four students within a few weeks and agree to meet more. The keywords you use to describe your research will influence the level of undergraduate interest.
  4. When you receive an email introduction, respond within three business days (reply all). In your response, propose potential times and places to meet. Meetings may be in-person or virtual. If in-person, they should be in a public space, such as your research environment or a library.
  5. When you meet, get the conversation rolling by saying things like:
    1. "Tell me what you are thinking of doing when you graduate."
    2. "Tell me more about your interest in research."
    3. "Tell me what you know about research in this field."
    4. "Tell me what you know (or what you have heard) about graduate school."
  6. If you are interested in engaging a student beyond a conversation (e.g., paper discussions, mentoring through a research project related to your thesis or dissertation), communicate your interest and availability to the student as early as possible. If you are not interested, consider introducing the undergraduate to others who may be able to support their quest for a research experience.
  7. At the end of the semester, we will ask how many students you met, how things went, and whether you will participate the following semester.