How the Program Works

Graduate students who are willing to participate register for the program. Then:

  1. The contact information you provide is added to a roster in the Office of Undergraduate Research.
  2. Undergraduates who attend a Ready for Research information session will be informed about the Grad-Undergrad Research Connections program and be given the opportunity to be introduced to a grad student. (Grad students are welcome to attend these sessions to meet undergraduates directly. See our calendar for dates.)
  3. Using the roster, we will identify one to three grad students* who would be a good fit for the undergrad. We will email the undergrad these grad students' contact information and copy the grad students. Rather than respond to this email, wait for the undergrad to follow up directly. (*We will share your contact information with a maximum of three undergrads per semester; if there is additional demand, we will contact you about your willingness to meet a larger group.)
  4. When you get an email from an undergrad in the program, respond promptly (within two working days) to set up a time to meet in your workspace.
  5. Meet with the undergrad. To get the conversation rolling, you can say things like:
    • Tell me what you are thinking of doing when you graduate.
    • Tell me more about your interest in research.
    • Tell me what you know about research in this field.
    • Tell me what you know (or what you have heard) about graduate school.
  6. Communicate your interest and availability to further engage with the undergrad as soon as possible, but definitely within a few days of the initial meeting (see Additional Ways of Participating). If you are not interested, consider introducing the undergrad to others who may be able to support his or her interests.
  7. On the last day of classes, we will send you a survey that asks how many students you met, how things went, and whether or not you will participate the following semester. You’ll submit this survey by the last day of the semester (end of exam week).