International Co-op Certificate

Why do an international co-op?

Students who complete the International Co-op Program:

  • Gain second-language and cultural competency through immersive international work and classroom experiences.
  • Work in a professional environment outside the U.S. with the responsibilities of a co-op student.
  • Gain a competitive edge for full-time employment with global organizations and have better potential for promotions and international assignments.
  • Develop cross-cutting skills that enhance professional performance in domestic and international settings.

What is the International Co-op Program?

The International Co-op Program (ICP) combines rigorous culture and language preparation with a paid co-op experience abroad. ICP students take a required set of ICP courses, then complete an eight-month co-op overseas in the spring and summer prior to senior year. Students are awarded an International Co-op Certificate for completing the program.

We recommend that students apply as early as possible in their college career to ensure that they can complete the required coursework prior going overseas. Students may apply through the summer of their sophomore year.