Unpacking Your International Experience


  • Course title: Unpacking Your International Experience
  • Course number: PD 3005
  • Offered: The course will be offered for the first time in Fall 2023. Going forward, it will typically be offered in fall, spring and summer.
  • Credit hours: 1
  • BOK electives: SCE BOK
  • Recommended for any undergraduate student who has participated in an international experience such as internship, co-op, study abroad, research or service-learning. Required for the International Co-op Program.


This course is designed to help students integrate and apply academic, professional and personal learning after an experience working abroad.

International experiences can alter your career goals, your understanding of your skills, and your knowledge about an industry. This course is designed to support students through navigating reverse culture shock on re-entry and reflecting on their experience abroad.

The course will focus on giving students the tools to analyze their experience, know their story, tell their story, identify skills and abilities they developed or enhanced, and effectively articulate their experience on their resume and in interviews.

Students will distinguish transformational moments and devise strategies and practical applications to integrate their intercultural competencies into their intercultural engagements at UC, in the local area, and in their career plan.