International Co-op Program

International co-op is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Students who complete the University of Cincinnati’s International Co-op Program:

  • Learn a second language in depth
  • Gain first-hand exposure to another way of life
  • Work in a professional environment outside the U.S. with the responsibilities of a co-op student
  • Gain a competitive edge for full-time employment with global organizations with potential for promotions and international assignments
  • Practice adaptability
  • Develop confidence

As a student in the International Co-op Program, you will:

  • Take a course that introduces concepts related to living and working in a new culture.
  • Take elective courses on the culture, history, literature, politics or religions of the country or region where you will work.
  • Learn to speak and understand a second language. Students consistently say that being able to speak the local language is one of the most valuable elements of the program.
  • Live and work abroad for up to eight months in a role comparable to a student co-op assignment in the U.S.

Languages Offered

Students in the International Co-op Program can live and work for up to eight months in a country where the primary language is any of the following:

  • German
  • Japanese
  • French (coming soon)
  • Spanish (coming soon)

Learn More

Talking with fellow students who are in or have completed the international co-op program is a great way to learn more. Connect with them through the International Co-op Student Association (ICSA).

You can also read what graduates have said about international co-op.