Make a Difference

Service Learning is an approach to education that pushes you outside the classroom to produce work of real value to a community organization as part of a course.

Service learning can happen, for example, when:

  • in a speech course, you research, write, and deliver a speech to raise money for a clean water agency
  • in a journalism course, you interview residents at a homeless shelter and write an article about them for publication
  • in a pre-health course, you work in a clinic and reflect on that experience
  • in a web design course, you design a new website for a tutoring center


When you do service learning, you:

  • build your professional network because you work directly with people in the field
  • get to put cool stuff on your resume. Given the choice between two candidates with the same GPA, degree, and institution, a recruiter will be more interested in the one who has service learning experience.
  • get a chance to change the world in a small way
  • might learn your course material better because it's more real
  • earn course credit

How to Get It

Many courses across the university incorporate service learning. These courses are marked with an "S" (Service) attribute in the course catalog.

Next Steps