Funding for Unpaid Positions

Funding for research apprenticeships is competitive.

Summer research programs and research-based on-campus jobs or work-study positions are typically paid.

However, if you come across an opportunity that has no funding connected to it, consider these options:

  • Each department has an “undergraduate director” who oversees academic programming for undergraduate majors. Identify this person in your department and inquire about funding opportunities. Sometimes there is money and sometimes there isn’t. It never hurts to ask.
  • The Undergraduate Student Stipend and Research Cost Awards for Faculty-Student Collaboration provided by UC’s University Research Council awards six to eight students up to $4,500 each to engage in faculty-supervised research during the summer. The application deadline is December 31 and requires faculty approval. As such, this award is most appropriate for students who have been working on a project in the fall and intend to continue work in the spring and summer. Open to all majors.
  • Science majors in Arts & Sciences that pay an “A&S STEM fee”: Many departments use a portion of the funds generated by this fee to provide research stipends to students. Check with your major department to learn how to apply for research funding.
  • Arts & Humanities majors:
    • The competitive TAFT Undergraduate Research Award supports undergraduate research excellence by offering an award of $2,000 to outstanding undergraduate scholars.
    • TAFT Undergraduate Enrichment Awards enable students majoring in Taft departments to undertake projects that will enhance their learning experience in their major field, such as research expenses, travel to a library, archives, museum, or conference, a language immersion program, or an organized field trip.
  • Student Affairs Lead and Grow Grant offers $25 to $300 to current part-time or full-time registered students at UC's Clifton campus. Other restrictions apply.