For Students

The NEXT Apprenticeship Program serves a wide range of students across majors and disciplines, not just those in information technology.

With a NEXT program advisor, students will design an individual academic plan based on their level of preparation, work experience and career goals - acquiring the skills and certifications they need to pursue in-demand, well-paying careers in tech.

Options and opportunities include degrees, minors, certificates, work experience and credentials such as:  

  • State-recognized Pre-Apprenticeship Certification
  • Nationally-recognized Apprenticeship Certification
  • Industry-recognized credentials, certifications and skills training
  • Industry experience in computing and informatics (For students in majors with mandatory co-op, apprenticeship-style work will count toward graduation requirements.)
  • Opportunities to work remotely
  • Stipends for IT-related work in nonprofit organizations
  • $150 vouchers to cover the cost of certification exams, such as those for CompTIA and Cisco
  • Preparation for professional work and the job search
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Aaron Burdette

NEXT Apprenticeship Program