Options within Co-op

As a student in a mandatory co-op program, you have options that expand the range of what you can do during a co-op semester to make your educational experience suit your needs or academic interests more closely.

Alternatives include:

  • upskilling
  • project work
  • study abroad (temporarily suspended due to coronavirus)
  • service learning
  • research or creative practice
  • career-related travel (temporarily suspended due to coronavirus)
  • international experience (temporarily suspended due to coronavirus)
  • entrepreneurship
  • leadership
  • open source software or web application development

For definitions and details, consult the Cooperative Education Student Handbook or your faculty co-op adviser. In the handbook, look for a section titled "Experiential Explorations Program (EEP)."

As of April 2020, co-op student handbooks have not been updated to reflect the additional Experiential Explorations options in Upskilling and Project Work. For more on those, visit the COVID-19-EEP page and scroll to the sections on Upskilling and Project Work.