Options within Co-op

As a student in a mandatory co-op program, you have options that expand the range of what you can do during a co-op semester to make your educational experience fit your needs or academic interests more closely.

Options include study abroad, international experience, international co-op, and one of four types of experiential exploration programs (EEP).

Study Abroad

Every year, the University of Cincinnati sends more than 1,700 students abroad to more than 50 countries. Lasting from one week to one year, programs are designed for students from every major and background. Make the world your classroom as you earn credit for coursework abroad.

International Experience

International Experience Programs can take place in fall, spring or summer semester. Students in any major can participate, although certain locations offer better employment prospects in certain fields. Students in a mandatory co-op program may complete an International Experience internship in place of one co-op rotation.

International Co-op Program

The International Co-op Program (ICP) combines rigorous culture and language preparation with a paid co-op experience abroad. ICP students take a required set of courses, then complete a four- to eight-month international co-op in the spring and summer prior to senior year. Students are awarded a certificate for completing this program. For Engineering students only.

Experiential Exploration Program (EEP)

A flexible option for students to develop meaningful, mentored experiences to align with individual professional pursuits unique to the student's interests and needs. The Experiential Exploration Program is an alternative to co-op that allows students to gain valuable experience through 300 to 350 hours of independent work. There are four types of EEP: Emerging Professional, Professional Practice, Entrepreneurship, and Career Related Travel.

Emerging Professional EEP

"I want to build my skills."

The Emerging Professional EEP is for students in their first and second co-op semester to help them develop professional and technical skills and apply these skills through project-based work.

Professional Practice EEP

“I have a great idea.”

The Professional Practice EEP is for students who have completed at least two co-op semesters. It can be described as student-initiated independent exploration beyond the structure of the traditional co-op model.

Entrepreneurship EEP

“I have a product or an idea to launch.”

The Entrepreneurship EEP is for students who have participated in an accelerator program or Entrepreneurship course, who have a developed product or idea and plan to use the semester to move toward production, testing and launch.

Career Related Travel EEP

“I want to explore my career and build professional skills through travel.”

The Career Related Travel EEP allows students to travel for one academic semester. Students must have an approved itinerary that relates to their discipline or career interests, and travel duration should correspond to the UC co-op term.

Details and Descriptions

For details and descriptions, see the appropriate section of each co-op student handbook: