Career Coaching

career coach sitting next to a student looking at papers together

Career coaching is the core of the Bearcat Promise Career Studio. This service is available at no cost to undergraduate students, graduate students, and alumni of the University of Cincinnati.

What is career coaching?

Career coaching is:

  • Focused on you. We’re here for you and what’s important to you. We can help you with a wide range of things from career exploration to planning for your job search.
  • Participatory. We need you to be an active participant. We can advise you on action steps, but you must do the work.
  • A source of resources, strategies and tactics.

Career coaching is not:

  • A quick solution to your problems. We cannot give you a list of employers, graduate school programs or jobs that will fit you. What we can do is direct you to useful resources so you can develop your own unique list.
  • Academic advising. Your academic advisor is the best person to advise you about courses to take or how to complete your degree requirements.
  • A job placement service. We don't place students in jobs. Instead, we teach you how to look for and apply for jobs yourself.
  • A resume writing service. We won't write your resume for you, but we can teach you how to write and revise your resume and cover letters yourself.

Career Coaching Formats

We offer career coaching in two formats: walk-in and by appointment.