Virtual Career Fairs

This page has information for employers. Students and alumni should visit How to Prepare for a Career Fair.

How to Participate

To participate in a virtual fair using Handshake, employer registrants must complete all of theĀ  following steps:

  1. Register for the fair. See Identifying and Registering for Virtual Fairs
  2. Create recruiter schedule(s)
    1. Think of 30-minute group sessions as short information sessions. Prepare a brief presentation about your company and/or job opportunities and allow time for questions. Expect that there might not be many students and they might not have many questions, so prepare some common questions in advance and ask and answer them yourself.
    2. Think of 1:1 sessions as mini interviews. One-on-one sessions are ten minutes long and cannot be made longer or shorter. If you become really engaged with a candidate and want more time, arrange to continue the conversation or schedule an interview. If the conversation is going nowhere, it's OK to end it before the ten minutes are up.
    3. Note that while you'll use Handshake to schedule group and 1:1 sessions, you can host your sessions on Teams, WebEx, Zoom, or whatever you prefer; you don't have to use Handshake's video solution. Simply paste your meeting link right into your schedule.
    4. Need to make changes? See Managing Schedules
  3. Have each recruiter or representative claim their schedule. Until this step is completed, students will not be able to sign up to meet with them.
  4. Make sure the "Looking for" section of your fair registration is complete and accurate with regard to Job Title, Job Type, Major Groups/Majors, School Years, etc. Students will filter on these fields to search for you, and if there are blanks, you may not show up. See How to View/Edit a Career Fair Registration.
  5. Get ready to host virtual sessions on the day.
  6. Test your video.
  7. Prepare to follow up after the fair. You can send messages, download resumes, and host virtual interviews.

Essential Training

Best Practices

Virtual Help Desk

We will operate a virtual employer help desk during the virtual fair. Drop in to ask any question or get support on the day of the fair.


A virtual fair in Handshake offers these advantages:

  • Interactions are pre-scheduled, so the day is organized, and everyone can focus
  • All sessions take place via video, so you can interact face-to-face without leaving the Handshake platform (audio-only and text chat are also available)
  • You can meet candidates in 30-minute group sessions, 10-minute one-on-one meetings, or some combination
  • Use group sessions (up to 50 attendees, or more if you use external video) to reach large numbers of candidates and educate them about your company or organization. A short presentation with Q&A is great, or you can do an open chat. You can share your screen, and more than one recruiter can participate.
  • Use one-on-one meetings to screen candidates for more in-depth interviews later. You can set qualifications so that only candidates who meet your criteria are able to sign up for these slots.
  • Send as many recruiters as you want, each with their own unique schedule. If you anticipate high interest or your initial slate of appointments fills up, add more recruiters and/or add more group sessions to accommodate more candidates.
  • Post your job(s) in Handshake and connect them to the fair
  • Preview candidates' Handshake profiles before you meet
  • Reach out to the best candidates before the event and invite them to sign up for a session
  • Follow up with candidates after the event
  • Efficient and cost-effective - no travel required


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