Design Your Own: Worldwide Experience

You may secure an international work experience outside one of our established programs. We call these “Worldwide Independent Experiences.”

Such experiences can include cooperative education, academic internship, undergraduate research, service learning, and Experiential Exploration Program (EEP). Students may apply to UC for course credit for their experience.

If you do an independent experience, you are responsible for the following:


As the student, you must determine if a visa or other travel documents are required for the experience. You must also apply for the visa or travel documents. ELCE and UC International can advise you if needed.

Academic Registration

As a UC student, you are responsible for informing your academic or experiential learning advisor of your upcoming education abroad and ensuring that you are registered with UC for the appropriate academic course(s).

Registering with UC International

UC students traveling abroad for an academic program are required to document their experience with UC International.

Students must complete a risk management application in the UC International online database:

In this process, you will upload travel documents, complete travel questionnaires, purchase comprehensive international insurance, and apply for scholarship funding.

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