International Experience Program (IEP)

Imagine living and working for three months in another country. Through the International Experience Program, you can!

International Experience Programs can take place in fall, spring or summer semester. Students in any major can participate, although certain locations offer better employment prospects in certain fields. Students in a mandatory co-op program may complete an international internship in place of one co-op rotation.

UC works with the Global Career Center (GCC) to manage and maintain the quality of these programs. GCC helps facilitate the job search process, secures housing accommodations, processes visa applications, provides 24-hour emergency support, and plans cultural enrichment activities.

Due to immigration laws and visa regulations, international internships are typically unpaid, but the cultural and educational benefits often more than make up for this, as students attest.

Moreover, an international experience doesn't necessarily cost much more than spending a semester on campus. Financial aid and scholarhip funding can help. For example, the Freeman Foundation provides extra funding for students going to Singapore or Hong Kong.


Click on a city name for complete program details. Many programs were temporarily suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, and we are re-starting them as circumstances allow.


Headshot of Erin Bove

Erin Bove

Associate Director, International Programs

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Willie D. Clark III

Director and Assistant Professor, International Programs

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