Explore Majors and Careers

Many people these days change careers at least once in their working life, regardless of their college major.

That said, it's worth investing time to explore majors and careers actively while you're in college, because it can:

  • guide you to choose courses and educational experiences that will help you home in on what you're good at and what you like to do
  • give you a wider perspective on the world of work
  • uncover fields or job titles you never knew existed
  • let you reach your professional goals faster
  • save time in the long run

Ways to Explore Majors and Careers

You can explore majors and careers in lots of ways.

On Your Own

With a Coach or Advisor

With People in the Field

  • Talk with people who work in fields that interest you through low-pressure informational interviewing
  • See how UC alumni have translated their majors into various careers using the LinkedIn Alumni Tool
  • Attend company information sessions. In an information session, people who work for a particular company or organization come to campus to meet students and talk about the company, its culture, hiring needs and hiring process. Find upcoming information sessions in Handshake.

Through Experience

You can learn a lot about yourself and the world of work by working. You’ll experience different coworkers, work environments, types of jobs, fields and industries – all of which will give you important information about your strengths and preferences. As a UC student, you have lots of ways to get experience: co-ops, internships, part-time jobs, volunteering, service-learning, UC Forward, research, clinicals, practicums, student teaching, performance, and more.