Student Employment

Working at the Learning Commons is a great opportunity for UC students. Being a Learning Commons employee offers competitive pay, flexible hours, resume building, a part-time on-campus co-op opportunity (you can still take a full load of courses!), and a great opportunity to help your fellow UC students when they need academic support.

The Fall 2022 Application is now open! Part-time on-campus co-op positions are available on both Clifton's and Clermont's campuses. Review the list of available positionsread about each position, and then apply below!

Learning Commons Part-Time On-Campus Co-Op Opportunity

Working in the Learning Commons is a recognized on-campus co-op. This part-time co-op opportunity allows you to take a full semester of classes and set your work hours around your class schedule.

A component of your first term of employment includes mandatory registration in a one-credit hour professional development course (COOP 1000) with the Division of Experience-Based Learning and Career Education. In cases where registration would incur a cost, there is a 0-credit option. In addition, there are a limited number of recognized exemptions to this requirement. 

By enrolling in COOP 1000, Learning Commons employees will have the opportunity to:

  • Receive additional professional development coaching
  • Earn experiential learning credit
  • Get valuable feedback from faculty in Experience-Based Learning and Career Education 
  • Develop leadership skills and translate your work experience on campus for future employment

For Honor’s students, this course is the only way to earn an Honors experience through the Learning Commons during your first semester of employment. Questions about your Honors experience requirements can be directed to your Honors Advisor.

UC Clermont Student Employment

Attention UC Clermont Students! We are excited to announce we are hiring various Learning Commons positions to work on UC Clermont’s campus! You have the opportunity to apply for the following positions: Academic Coaches, Academic Writing Center Tutor, Peer Tutor, Peer Leader, and SI Leader. Please use the red buttons below to explore each position more.

Position Descriptions

Are you ready to apply?

Explore and research the different positions you're interested in by clicking on any of the position buttons above. Then:

  • Apply to work for the Learning Commons. On the General Application, you can select more than one position to which you want to apply, but you should not select all positions.
  • Contact your recommender(s) based on the position requirements. Your references do NOT need to write letters of recommendation. After you submit your application, recommender forms will automatically be emailed to your references. 
    • Use the position links above to learn more about the recommender requirements as they differ by position and some positions do not have reference requirements.
    • Please reach out to your recommenders prior to applying and let them know they need to check their "Other" inbox and "Junk Email" folder in Outlook for the recommendation form. The recommendation form is sent from 
    • If you need to add a recommender after submitting your application, email Rachel Otte
    • Are you a recommender with questions? Please visit our Bearcat's Landing page
  • Interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis. You will be contacted by the Learning Commons to set up your interview via your UC email account. To verify or ask questions about your interview, call the Learning Commons Front Desk at (513) 556-3244. Interviews may be scheduled in-person or via Microsoft Teams.
  • Offer letters will be extended to new hires via email to your UC email account.

NOTE: Because of the high volume of applicants, we are unable to provide application status updates throughout the hiring process. You will hear back one way or another about your application.