Student Employment

Working at the Learning Commons is a great opportunity for UC students! We are still hiring Learning Assistants, Peer Tutors, Supplemental Instruction Leaders, and Supplemental Review Sessions Leaders. All other positions are closed. We are continuing to make hiring decisions, and all applicants will be notified of their application status.

Staff are required during initial employment to take a one-credit hour COOP 2000 professional development course facilitated by the Division of Experience-Based Learning and Career Education. Exemptions are available, and a 0-credit option is offered to make it free of cost.

COOP 2000 enrollment provides Learning Commons employees with professional development coaching, experiential learning credit opportunities, and valuable feedback from faculty, essential for honing leadership skills and translating on-campus work experiences into future employment prospects. 

Note: This course is the only way to earn an Honors experience through the Learning Commons during your first semester of employment. Questions about your Honors experience requirements can be directed to your Honors Advisor.

UC Clermont Student Employment

Attention UC Clermont Students! We are excited to announce we are hiring various Learning Commons positions to work on UC Clermont’s campus! You have the opportunity to apply for the following positions: Academic Coach, Academic Writing Center Tutor, Content Peer Tutor, Learning Assistant (for MATH 1061 only), Learning Community Peer Leader, Learning Community Peer Leader/Content Review Leader (for BIOL 1081 only), Content Review Leader (for BIOL 1081 only), and Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader (for BIOL 2001C only). Click on the red buttons below to explore each position more.

Group Review Sessions (GRS) Peer Leader and On-Campus Drop-In Tutors: UC Clermont Learning Commons STEM Academic Support Services is seeking enthusiastic and dedicated individuals with a strong academic background and a passion for helping others learn. If you possess excellent communication skills, a patient and supportive demeanor, and the ability to connect with students of all ages and learning styles, we encourage you to apply to be a Clermont tutor at the link below. Visit our website for more information about Group Review Sessions and Drop-In Tutoring.