Student Employment

Working at the Learning Commons is a great opportunity for UC students. Being a Learning Commons employee offers competitive pay; flexible hours; resume building; a part-time, on-campus co-op opportunity (you can still take a full load of courses!); and a great opportunity to offer academic support to help your fellow UC students.

The Learning Commons student employment opportunities for spring 2024 are posted! Please click the Learning Commons Student Employment Application link. If you have questions about a specific program's employment opportunities, please contact the professional staff member who oversees that program. For general student employment questions, please contact Lindsay Spaulding-Simmons, who oversees all student hiring.

Learning Commons Part-Time, On-Campus Co-Op Opportunity

Working in the Learning Commons is a recognized on-campus co-op. This part-time co-op opportunity allows you to take a full semester of classes and set your work hours around your class schedule.

A component of your first term of employment includes mandatory registration in a one-credit hour professional development course (COOP 2000) with the Division of Experience-Based Learning and Career Education. In cases where registration would incur a cost, there is a 0-credit option. In addition, there are a limited number of recognized exemptions to this requirement. 

By enrolling in COOP 2000, Learning Commons employees will have the opportunity to:

  • Receive additional professional development coaching
  • Earn experiential learning credit
  • Get valuable feedback from faculty in Experience-Based Learning and Career Education 
  • Develop leadership skills and translate your work experience on campus for future employment

For Honors students, this course is the only way to earn an Honors experience through the Learning Commons during your first semester of employment. Questions about your Honors experience requirements can be directed to your Honors Advisor.

UC Clermont Student Employment

Attention UC Clermont Students! We are excited to announce we are hiring various Learning Commons positions to work on UC Clermont’s campus! You have the opportunity to apply for the following positions: Academic Coach, Academic Writing Center Tutor, Content Peer Tutor, Learning Assistant (for MATH 1061 only), Learning Community Peer Leader, Learning Community Peer Leader/Content Review Leader (for BIOL 1081 only), Content Review Leader (for BIOL 1081 only), and Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader (for BIOL 2001C only). Click on the red buttons below to explore each position more.

Position Descriptions

Interview Information

The Learning Commons will hold interviews during our interview days, listed below. After review of your application, you will receive an interview invitation via email if invited for an interview. From there, you will be able to schedule a time for one of the days listed below.

Learning Commons Interview Days
Week Day Date
Tuesday October 10
Thursday October 12
Wednesday October 18
Thursday October 19
Tuesday October 31
Friday November 3
Wednesday November 8