Meet the Academic Coaches

I am a 4th year Criminal Justice Major using the pronouns she/her. This is my third-year coaching and I offer experience in balancing school and other priorities.

Hello, my name is Amber, and I am a first year studying Aerospace Engineering and planning to minor in Astrophysics. Some of my side hobbies are horseback riding, hiking, and of course watching Netflix.

Hi, I am Arunima, graduate student in Computer Science, my pronouns are: she/her and helping students achieve academic success brought me to coaching.

I am Bree (she/they), a third year environmental engineering major who is great at Calculus, Chemistry, and the freshmen ENED courses. I became an Academic Coach to be a mentor for younger students going through similar classes I once took to make their experience all the better!

My name is Donovan. I am majoring in Political Science. My pronouns are he/his/him. What brought me to coaching is wanting to help and assist students to be able to succeed in their academic careers.

Hi! I'm Emily (she/her). I'm a 5th year interdisciplinary studies major with concentrations in IT and English. I love being an Academic Coach because it helps to develop a unique set of interpersonal skills, both for students and for coaches.

My name is Esha and I am a third year Health Sciences (Pre-Occupational Therapy) major with minors in Psychology and Nutrition. This is my second year working in the Academic Coaching Program. I am excited to continue supporting our wonderful staff of coaches as a coordinator and continue to meet with students to help enhance their overall experience at UC!

I am a third-year student, majoring in Biological Sciences. I wanted to be an academic coach so I can help and motivate my peers!

I am a third year Communication major, and I became an Academic Coach to help students during their college experience.

Hi, I'm Hithendra. I am currently working on a Masters in Electrical Engineering. 

I am Jash, from Mumbai, India and am majoring in Computer Science. I use He/Him pronouns. I am willing to help you all plan and strategize to work effectively.

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Hey, my name is Khyte (she/her) I'm a second-year majoring in architecture at DAAP. I excited to lead other people to their success on their college journey!

Hello! My name is Kyra, my pronouns are she/her. I'm a third-year student majoring in Psychology and Neuroscience, and this is my second year of coaching. I really enjoy meeting with students and learning from our conversations! My favorite topics to cover include mental health, healthy habit building, goal setting, and motivation.

My name is Lauren and I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. I am also a health sciences major on the pre-dental track.

Hello! My name is Mohit and I am a CCM student studying Music Production. I love being an Academic Coach because I am so fascinated in meeting new people and guiding new and returning students on their studies, as I know that everyone has the potential to exceed all expectations!

Hello, I am Asseta I go by Nene. My major is Advanced Medical Imaging Technology. My pronouns are She, Her, Hers. I became a coach because I used to attend coaching sessions which help m succeed academically.

Hi! I’m Parthvi (She/Her/Hers) and I’m a Biological Sciences major, currently on the pre-med track. I’m here because I understand how demanding being a university student can be and so I wanted to help out my fellow bearcats with everything I’ve learned in my time here. Feel free to reach out to me, I’m really excited to meet you all!

Hi! My name is Sasha (she/her/hers), and I am a Psychology major with an Economics minor. I love Academic Coaching, and the excitement that comes when helping others is really what attracted me to this position.

I'm Sasi (He/His/Him) a Computer Science grad student at UC. I can learn a lot when teaching fellow students how to get organized and helping them achieving their academic goals. And helping others makes me happy!

I am a fourth-year student in the health sciences major on the pre-physical therapy track. I am hoping to attend graduate school at UC and continue my education here. I enjoy being an academic coach because it's the best feeling when my students come to me eager to share that they have reached their academic goals.

My name is Teddie and I am a fourth year criminal justice major. I have been coaching for two years now and love meeting new people!