Meet the Academic Coaches

Headshot of Alyson, she/her/hers

Alyson, she/her/hers

Major: Finance

"I am excited to continue leading students to be successful during their time in college."

Campus and other involvement: Finance club, intramural soccer, I also volunteer at IHNGC pet support program and Cincinnati Animal CARE

Headshot of Alyssa, she/her/hers

Alyssa, she/her/hers

Major: Criminal Justice
Certificate: Paralegal Studies

"I am serving in the role to have the opportunity to engage with peers in a way that ensures they are better students in the long run!"

Campus and other involvement: Melanin Fitness, CECH Ambassadors

Headshot of Blair, she/her/hers

Blair, she/her/hers

Major: Biological Sciences
Certificates: Medical Humanities and Global Health

"I am excited to help students meet their goals and get organized!"

Campus and other involvement: Cupcakes for the Cure, A Moment of Magic, HOSA

Headshot of Caroline, she/her/hers

Caroline, she/her/hers

Major: Nursing
Minor: Spanish

"I love reaching out to people and helping them with the struggles of college life. I want to give all my support and wisdom to underclassmen to help them become more prepared for college and give them the resources they need to succeed!"

Campus and other involvement: CURE program.

Headshot of Claire, she/her/hers

Claire, she/her/hers

Major: Medical Sciences (pre-med)

"I am so excited to become an academic coach to help others evolve into the best student they can be.  I am really looking forward to seeing my peers grow and achieve their goals!"

Campus and other involvement: Dance to Enhance, Chi Omega, and Phi Delta Epsilon 

Headshot of Emma, she/her/hers

Emma, she/her/hers

Major: Speech Language Hearing Sciences
Minor: Psychology

"I am excited to be an Academic Coach because I am looking forward to working with students and helping them achieve their goals at UC. I am excited to be in-person and help students get acclimated to classes and campus after a year of being remote!"

Campus and other involvement: NSSLHA, MC2

Headshot of Esha, she/her/hers

Esha, she/her/hers

Major: Health Sciences (Pre-Occupational Therapy)
Minor: Psychology

"I am excited to help my peers enhance their college experience. I enjoy working with students to help them reach their goals and overcome struggles during their journey at UC!"

Campus and other involvement: UC CHAARG, Pre-Occupational Therapy Club and Midwest Dhamaka.

Headshot of Graham, she/her/hers

Graham, she/her/hers

Major: Sociology

"I am looking forward to working on-on-one with students with different stories and needs. Not only am I looking forward to mentoring those that I work with, but I am also looking forward to learning more about myself professionally and personally. Transferable skills are incredibly important in the workforce and I am expectant to obtain more of these skills that I will carry with me into my future career."

Campus and other involvement: Peer Facilitator for FYE in the Learning Commons, Volunteer Coach for Iron Core Adapted Strength and Conditioning, House Group leader for City Church OTR

Headshot of Halli


Major: Neuroscience

"I am excited to be an Academic Coach because I love to help other students reach their goals. It is very rewarding to make a difference in another's academic career."

Campus and other involvement: Research Assistant in a jumping spider lab

Headshot of Julia, she/her/hers

Julia, she/her/hers

Major: Neuroscience and Political Science
Certificate: Bioethics

"I am excited to get to work with and meet lots of new students, and looking forward to helping other Bearcats meet their goals! I want to work together to help others succeed and thrive at UC."

Campus and other involvement: Camp Kesem UC, College of Arts & Sciences Ambassadors, ROAR Tour Guides, Circle K, NeuroSociety, and OiP-u

Headshot of Katelyn, she/her/hers

Katelyn, she/her/hers

Major: Speech Language Hearing Sciences
Certificate: Deaf Studies

"I enjoy watching my students succeeding and celebrating with them. I like supporting students and providing them resources. I also enjoy meeting students who are passionate about their career path!"

Campus and other inolvement: ASL Club Secretary, volunteer on Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in SLP and PT Departments

Headshot of Kyra, she/her/hers

Kyra, she/her/hers

Major: Psychology and Neuroscience

"I'm excited to learn from other students and share my experiences, as well as help them achieve their academic goals. I'm also looking forward to getting experience in a field similar to school psychology."

Campus and other involvement: CHAARG, Student Safety Board, PINK Campus Team

Headshot of Lily, she/her/hers

Lily, she/her/hers

Major: Asian Studies
Minor: Marketing and English
Certificates: Japanese Language and Culture

"As someone who loves education, I enjoy working with my peers to make sure that everyone has a chance to thrive while at college! I also love meeting and working with new people from all different majors around campus!"

Campus and other involvement: Japanese American Student Society, UC PandaCats, Bearcat Buddies, & ENGin EFL Tutoring

Headshot of Lindsey, she/her/hers

Lindsey, she/her/hers

Major: Marketing
Minors: Business Analytics and Fashion Design Studies

"I am excited to be an Academic Coach because I love seeing the progress students make throughout our sessions and building relationships with them."

Campus and other involvement: Dance Marathon, Pi Beta Phi, Bearcats Food Recovery Network, Peer Tutoring, National Retail Federation

Headshot of Mark, he/him/his

Mark, he/him/his

Major: Digital Media Collaborative

"Any goal is achievable. I'm excited to work with students, help them to perform better in class, and enjoy college life to the fullest."

Campus and other involvement: Graphic designer

Headshot of Syd, she/her/hers

Syd, she/her/hers

Major: Criminal Justice

"This will be my 5th semester as an Academic Coach and I am excited to continue meeting new people and working alongside my wonderful colleagues! I love this position as I get to help my peers work towards their personal, professional, and academic goals!"

Campus and other inolvement: UC ASL Club, UC Honors Program, Cincinnati Animal CARE Humane Society

Headshot of Taylor, she/her/hers

Taylor, she/her/hers

Major: Psychology

"I love talking to other people and watching how coaching helps develop students academically, socially, mentally, and professionally. Helping others create new habits is very important for college and coaching gives students the exact material needed."

Campus and other inolvement: Research Assistant at the Center for ADHD

Headshot of Teddie, she/her/hers

Teddie, she/her/hers

Major: Criminal Justice
Certificate: Legal Studies

"I am excited to help other students achieve their academic goals!"

Campus and other involvement: Criminal Justice Society, Phi Alpha Delta 

Headshot of Wil, he/him/his

Wil, he/him/his

Major: Psychology and Asian Studies

"I love being able to help others take the first step at reaching their goals. I love seeing people realize how great they really are and what they can accomplish with the right approach."

 Campus and other involvement: member of JASS (Japanese American Student Society) and kendo club.