Meet the Academic Coaches

Headshot of Aditi


Major: Neuroscience
Minors: Nutrition and Chemistry

"I am excited to be an Academic Coach because I will get the opportunity to advise and assist students in a variety of ways. Attending college can be a daunting experience at times, and I hope I can help make students’ experiences better."

Aditi is also involved with NeuroSociety, Adopt a Grandparent, and Undergraduate Research Society.

Headshot of Alyson


Major: Finance

"I am excited to help students have a memorable and successful college experience. Whether it be in the classroom or in their everyday life, I hope to make an impact on students that they can then pass on to others."

Alyson is also involved with intramural soccer, Finance Club, and 4Paws.

Headshot of Alyssa


Major: Criminal Justice
Certificate: Paralegal Studies

"I am serving in the role as a mentor this year and I'm eager to engage with and help elevate coaches to success in their position. I'm also really excited to be back in person!"

Alyssa is also involved with Melanin Fitness, Student Diversity and Inclusion, CECH Ambassadors, and is a Front Desk Assistant at the Learning Commons.

Headshot of Ashley


Major: Exercise Science & Movement
Minor: Nutrition Sciences

"I am excited to be able to help different students throughout their journey of college. I can't wait to see people reach their goals and enhance their college experience ."

Ashley is involved with Alpha Lambda Delta National Honors Society, and also is a Success in Allied Health TA and a Peer Leader for the Learning Commons.

Headshot of Blair


Major: Biology
Certificates: Medical Humanities and Global Health

"I'm excited to help students achieve their goals and find a balance in their life as they navigate college."

Blair is also involved with HOSA, is the President of Cupcakes for the Cure, and the Vice President of A Moment of Magic.

Headshot of Caroline


Major: Nursing
Minor: Spanish

"My first year I struggled with my classes, so I went to Academic Coaching and it really helped me. I am excited to reach out to other students and give them a great experience too!"

Caroline is also involved with Bearcat Buddies.

Headshot of Chloe


Major: International Affairs and Asian Studies
Certificate: International Human Rights

"I am excited to be an Academic Coach because I know I will be helping many students and getting to collaborate with other Academic Coaches. I am looking forward to meeting many students and challenging myself in this new role."

Chloe is also involved with UHP, is Vice President of Pre-Law Club, and is a Front Desk Assistant at the Learning Commons

Headshot of Claire


Major: Medical Sciences (pre-med)

"I am so excited to become an academic coach to help others evolve into the best student they can be.  I am really looking forward to seeing my peers grow and achieve their goals!"

Claire is also involved with Dance to Enhance and Chi Omega.

Headshot of Emma C.

Emma C.

Major: Social Work
Certificate: Deaf* Studies

"I’m really excited to take the skills I have learned over my time at UC to be able to help students in a one-on-one setting enhance their academic, professional, and personal success. I’m also excited to meet students over a range of majors and colleges with different ambitions and goals."

Emma is also involved with Alpha Lambda Delta Society, Bearcat Social Work Student Organization, and is a TA for the College of Allied Health Sciences, and is a Peer Leader for the Learning Commons.

Headshot of Emma L.

Emma L.

Major: Speech Language Hearing Sciences
Minor: Psychology

"I am excited to be an Academic Coach because I am looking forward to working with students and helping them achieve their goals at UC. I am excited to be in-person and help students get acclimated to classes and campus after a year of being remote!"

Emma is also involved with NSSLHA and MC^2.

Headshot of Esha


Major: Health Sciences (Pre-Occupational Therapy)
Minor: Psychology

Esha is excited to help her peers enhance their college experience. She enjoys working with students to help them reach their goals and overcome struggles during their journey at UC!

Esha is also involved with UC CHAARG and the Pre-Occupational Therapy Club.

Headshot of Julia


Major: Neuroscience and Political Science
Certificate: Bioethics

"I am excited to get to work with and meet lots of new students, and looking forward to helping other Bearcats meet their goals! I want to work together to help others succeed and thrive at UC."

Julia is also involved with Camp Kesem, Arts & Sciences Ambassadors, ROAR Tour Guides, Circle K, NeuroSociety, and OiP-u.

Headshot of Katelyn


Major: Speech Language Hearing Sciences
Certificate: Deaf Studies

"I want to assist students through learning and study skills, and I am excited to celebrate all the victories that my students have over the course of the academic year!"

Katelyn is also involved with NSSHLA, is the secretary for ASL Club, and volunteers at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

Headshot of Lily


Major: Asian Studies
Minor: Marketing and English
Certificates: Japanese Language and Culture

"I'm excited to meet new students and peers and to join them on their journey for academic success!"

Lily is also involved with JASS, PandaCats, Cats for Cause, Bearcat Buddies, Tadoku Japanese Reading Club, and Dungeons & Bearcats.

Headshot of Lindsey


Major: Marketing
Minors: Business Analytics and Fashion Design Studies

"I am excited to help students tackle the college experience and help them succeed with any goals they may have I am also excited to meet my coworkers and students in person!"

Lindsey is also involved with Pi Beta Phi, BFRN, HPC UC, NRF, and UCDM.

Headshot of Lucy


Major: Biochemistry

"I am looking forward to assisting students in overcoming their difficulties and achieving their goals. I am excited to professionally work with other Academic Coaching and staffs. I would love to obtain the experiences and explore my ability as a Academic Coaching."

Lucy is also involved with UC ChemCats.

Headshot of Neha


Major: Health Sciences (Pre-Physical Therapy)
Minor: Psychology

"I love helping people discover what motivates them and I am excited to help students succeed both personally and professionally."

Neha is also involved with SAASA and Allied Health Sciences Tribunal. 

Headshot of Noor


Major: Insurance and Risk Management and Finance

"I aspire to help students and be the encouragement and motivation they need to achieve their goals. I relate to the students as i have been through similar situations/struggles, and I aim to be there for them."

Noor is also involved with GIS.

Headshot of Sarah


Major: Middle Childhood Education (Math and Social Studies concentration)

"I'm excited to be an Academic Coach because I believe I can help students achieve their goals. I'm very excited to see the potential of the students I will have the privilege of coaching. I am very passionate about education and teaching and I want to help others succeed and I believe I can do that as an Academic Coach."

Sarah is also involved with Tri Delta.

Headshot of Teddie


Major: Criminal Justice
Certificate: Legal Studies

"I'm excited to help students with anything they need!"

Teddie is also involved with Phi Alpha Delta and Criminal Justice Honors Society.

Headshot of Wil


Major: Psychology
Certificate: Japanese Language and Culture

"I want to help as many students as possible be the best they can be. Introducing them to new ways to learn and grow on campus."

Wil is also involved with Japanese and American Student Society and Kendo Club.