Content Review Leader Positions

Primary Responsibilities

Content Review Leaders (CRLs) promote active learning and sustainable study habits for students through group-based Content Review Sessions. Content Review Sessions are 55-minute weekly meetings where groups of up to 23 students review material for a target course (BIOL 1081, CHEM 1040...) through collaborative learning activities, facilitated by the CRL. CRLs are provided with course-based activity instructions and answer keys, which they can adapt to meet their students’ needs through facilitation and other strategies learned through CRL training.   

CRLs also attend regular meetings with other CRLs for their own professional development. CRLs may (but are not required to) hold an additional role within the Learning Commons, such as Learning Assistant or Peer Leader.

Content Review Leaders should be comfortable with the target course material and/or willing to regularly review material to refresh their knowledge, but they do NOT need to be subject experts. Training is provided to support Content Review Leaders in working with students, using the student’s resources and open resources (like course materials and the Internet), to find the answer to a question when they do not know the answer themselves.

Unlike Supplemental Instruction Leader positions, Content Review Leader position openings are based on college requests for support in specific courses. Below is a list of courses commonly supported by Content Review Leaders.

Fall Semester Courses:

  • BIOL 1081 (Fall only)
  • BIOL 2001C (Fall only)
  • CHEM 1030 (Fall only)
  • CHEM 1040 (Fall only)

Spring Semester Courses:

  • BIOL 2002C (Spring only)
  • BIOL 1082 (Spring only)
  • CHEM 1031 (Spring only)
  • CHEM 1041 (Spring only)

This list is subject to change based on college requests. You are also encouraged to visit the Supplemental Instruction Leader Position page for additional opportunities.

Applicants comfortable supporting multiple courses increase their opportunities to be placed in a Content Review Leader position. In their application, applicants should indicate ALL courses that they are comfortable working with and qualified to support (B+ or higher, or another equivalent qualification).

Competitive Content Review Leader applicants will:

  • Have completed at least one full year of college (by start of employment)
  • Maintain minimum of a 3.0 cumulative UC GPA
  • Have a B or above in the course reviewed in Content Review Meetings
  • Be able to dedicate up to 6 hours each week to the position (must maintain fewer than 24 hours of on-campus hourly employment across all positions)

Final Content Review Leader placement decisions will be made based on college requests, candidate availability, Learning Commons needs, and final budget approvals. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding as we work to provide on-campus COOP opportunities to as many candidates as possible.

Applicants invited to interview days will be asked to submit at least 1 reference. Students should solicit references from individuals who have seen the student’s academic, leadership, and interpersonal skills. 

References can be from faculty, staff, advisors, previous/current supervisors, and/or Content Review Leaders.

How to Apply

Once you have reviewed the position responsibilities and qualifications, go back to the Student Employment main page and apply. You are able to select up to two positions, so please select the two positions you are most interested in.

Questions? Contact the Learning Commons Front Desk at (513) 556-3244 or email the professional staff member supervising the position. Go to the Learning Commons Professional Staff page for details on the supervisor you should contact.