Current Peer Leaders and Facilitators

Spring 2024 Learning Communities
Spring 2024 Learning Community Peer Leader
Medical Sciences I (PL) Samir Siddiqui
Medical Sciences II (PL) Abdul Charif
Discovering UC Madison Kim
Medical Sciences III (PL) Yusuf Alam
Discovering UC Ryen Langford
Medical Sciences IV (PL) Jillian Covell
Discovering UC Alexander Snyder
Medical Sciences V (PL) Samir Mamlouk
Medical Sciences VI (PL) Isabella Adams
AMIT (HYB) Emerson Litzenberg
Nutrition and Dietetics I (HYB) Anna Schlosser
Nutrition and Dietetics II (HYB) Natalie Femia
SLH I (PL) Julia Stanfield
SLH II (PL) Claire  Connell
Medical Lab Sciences (HYB) Rachel Tramonte
Social Work I (PL) Arlee Schott
Social Work II (PL) Alexis Graf
Health Sciences Pre-AT I (PL) Rachel  Cleary
Health Sciences Pre-AT II (PL) Madison Dixon
Health Sciences Pre-OT (HYB) Sarah Rogozinski
Health Sciences Pre-Pharm I (HYB) Hilary Woytek
Health Sciences Pre-Pharm II (HYB) Samuel Crawley
Health Sciences Pre-PA I (HYB) Remi Ogundipe
Health Sciences Pre-PA II (HYB) Megan Schlueter
Health Sciences Pre-Med I (HYB) Sarah Watts
Health Science Pre-Med II (HYB) Alexandria  Hansen
Health Sciences Pre-Med III (HYB) Sydney Tino
Health Sciences Pre-PT I (HYB) Claire  Spriggs
Health Sciences Pre-PT II (HYB) Zakaria Bodiford
Health Sciences Pre-PT III (PL) Kaleb Gerken
Health Sciences All I (HYB) Allison Sawmiller
Health Sciences Pre-PT IV (HYB) Eric Weible
Health Sciences All IV (PL) Jackson Kaufman
Neuroscience I (PL) Connor Powers
Neuroscience II (PL) Katy Einberger
Life Sciences I (HYB) Rachael  Kang
Life Sciences II (HYB) Angalena Strauss
Life Sciences III (HYB) Gabriella Le
Life Sciences IV (HYB) Megan Ellis
Life Sciences V (HYB) Haitham Eid
Life Sciences VI (HYB) Nupur Mallick
Life Sciences VII(HYB) Vidushi Trivedi
Life Sciences VIII (HYB) Lucy Grilliot 
Life Sciences IX (HYB) Anna Shepard
Life Sciences X (HYB) Angalena Strauss
Biochemistry I (HYB) Dante DiPrimio
Biochemistry II (HYB) Zoe Stehling
Chemistry (HYB) Alex Nystrom
English (PL) Grace Guy
Journalism (PL) Ellie Miller
Environmental Studies I (PL) Kelly Helton
Environmental Studies II (PL) Morganne Best-Zimmer
A&S - Math Brooke Demidovich
A&S - STEM Isabella Stafford
A&S - Social Sciences Madelyn Braun
A&S - Humanities Madelyn Braun
Stand-Alone LC XVI Chloe Walker
Intdc Health Prep II (HYB) Rishi Gabbita
Intdc Health Prep III (HYB) Brynna Gaines
Intdc Nursing Prep I (HYB) Addison Lewis
Intdc Nursing Prep II (HYB) Gabrielle Iordache
Intdc Nursing Prep III (HYB) Sarah Allen
Intdc Nursing Prep IV (HYB) Brooke Youngren
Intdc Nursing Prep V (HYB) Caleigh Snopel
Intdc Nursing Prep VII (HYB) Regan Turnbull
Intdc Nursing Prep X (HYB) Nathan Cogan
Intdc Nursing Prep XI (HYB) Abigail Turk
Intdc Creative Studies I (PL) Avery Jerden
Intdc Creative Studies II (PL) Christina Horn
Intdc Business Prep I (HYB) Jared Crider
Intdc Business Prep II (HYB) Jaanvi Patel
Intdc Business Prep III (HYB) Lane Bokros
Intdc Business Prep IV (HYB) Emma Cain
Intdc Business Prep V (PL) Graicen Siler
Intdc Business Prep VI (HYB) Erika Flynn
Intdc Business Prep VII (HYB) Kyle Heritage
Intro to Science Prof FYE Kahlan Kahmann
Intdc Nursing Prep IX (HYB) Mary Mehrtens
Stand-Alone LC I Ashley Bruner
Stand-Alone LC II Aditya Chikka
Stand-Alone LC III Chelsea Kwarteng duah
Stand-Alone LC IV Daniel Corl
Stand-Alone LC V Olivia Marner
Stand-Alone LC VI Chloe Walker
Stand-Alone LC VII Isabella Stafford
Stand-Alone LC VIII A'Nyha Jefferson
Stand-Alone LC IX Sarah Parchem
Stand-Alone LC X Spenser Hore
Stand-Alone LC XI Audrey Lacey
Stand-Alone LC XII Gracie Reed
Stand-Alone LC XIII Jamie Zak
Stand-Alone LC XIV Adrienne Matalucci
Stand-Alone LC XV Richa Kaneria