Achieve Your Goal GPA

Determining what grades you will need in the coming quarter can be confusing. But if you download the GPA calculation chart and follow the steps below, you can easily calculate what grades you will need to reach or maintain your GPA goal. 

Remember: The more classes you’ve taken, the more terms it will take to bring up your cumulative GPA. So make sure that you start off on the right foot by working with your professors, managing your time well, and utilizing UC campus resources. If you are worried about any of your current courses, or your ability to manage the time and stress associated with your courses, make an appointment with a Learning Commons Peer Tutor or Academic Coach

GPA Calculation Steps

  1. Enter the courses you are currently taking and the grades you plan to achieve in lines 1-8. Grades and their corresponding quality points can be found in the chart below. 
  2. For each course, multiply the grade you predict or hope to earn, by the number of credit hours of the course. Enter your product for each class in Column 4 (Total Quality Points)
  3. Add your credit hours together. Enter the total number in Box A. Add your total Quality Points together. Enter the total number in Box B.
  4. Divide the number in Box B by Box A and enter the number in Box C. This is your predicted GPA for the current term. 
  5. To determine what your new Cumulative GPA would be, sign on to OneStop. Write your Total Quality Points in Box D. Write your Total Hours Carried in Box E
  6. Add Box A and Box E. Write the total in Box F. Add Box B and Box D. Write the total in Box G
  7. Divide Box G by Box F. This is your predicted Cumulative GPA after this term.

Undergraduate Grading and Point System

Undergraduate Grading and Point System
Grade Description Quality Points
A Excellent 4.0000
A- N/A 3.6667
B+ N/A 3.3333
B Good 3.0000
B- N/A 2.6667
C+ N/A 2.3333
C Satisfactory 2.0000
C- N/A 1.6667
D+ N/A 1.3333
D Poor 1.0000
D- N/A 0.6667
F Failure 0.0000
I Incomplete None/0
UW Withdrawal (Unofficial) 0.0000
W Withdrawal (Official) None
X Withdrawal (Unofficial - No Participation) 0.0000
NP Not Proficient N/A
P Pass N/A
U Unsatisfactory N/A
T Audit N/A
SP Satisfactory Progress (replaced IP grade) N/A
UP Unsatisfactory Progress N/A
NG No Grade Reported (See Instructor) N/A