Look at Your Classes to Find Your Passion

Many students struggle with motivation when they cannot see a clear connection between their classes and their future careers. Setting clear goals, even if they change over time, can help motivate you to achieve your best at UC!

Our Academic Coaches cannot decide your major for you, but they can help you explore your passions and strengths, and help you find the right people on campus to help you begin a new path that will get, and keep, you motivated. Review the questions below with an Academic Coach or your advisor to help you determine a major that might work with your learning style, strengths, and interests! 

  1. How is each course you're taking now helping you decide your educational and career plan?
  2. What is something you learned about yourself from taking this course that will help you decide your major and career?
  3. What courses would you take here if there were no requirements?
  4. Looking at a list of required courses, which courses are your excited about taking?
  5. Which courses wouldn't you take unless they were requirements?