SRS Leader & MASS Tutor Positions

Primary Responsibilities

MATH 1096 (SRS) is a 1 credit hour course facilitated by Supplemental Review Session (SRS) Leaders intended to provide a weekly time for students to work collaboratively and review for their MATH/STAT course. SRS Leaders are UC students who are interested in providing academic support to their fellow students. SRS Leaders are recruited from colleges across the university to provide assistance in mathematics and statistics courses. The SRS Leaders’ primary roles are:

  • Facilitating group review sessions with UC students that emphasize collaborative learning
  • Providing a safe space for students to learn and make mistakes using strategies learned through training
  • Attending trainings as required to continually develop tutoring and facilitation skills
  • Maintaining a professional attitude about matters such as class standards, grades, and other student complaints
  • Modeling appropriate professional attitudes and behaviors to all UC staff, faculty, and students
  • Acting as a representative for the Learning Commons across campus

The MASS Center provides drop-in, group tutoring study tables for many 1000 and 2000-level mathematics, science, and other quantitative-based courses. The study tables are facilitated by MASS Tutors, student who are interested in providing support to students through the small group format.  

Interested students should select "SRS Leader" on the application. Students interested in additional hours may qualify to work as a MASS Tutor as well. 

SRS Leader and MASS Tutor positions offer flexibility that is helpful for busy college students and are a great opportunity to develop and build the following skills while making an impact at UC!

  • Professionalism
  • Public Speaking
  • Verbal and Written Communication
  • Time Management
  • Organizational Skills

Competitive SRS Leader/MASS Tutor applicants will have:

  • An interest in supporting their peers to develop confidence and knowledge in mathematics and quantitative-based courses
  • The ability to facilitate 2 SRS sessions per week for a toal of 6-7 hours/week. Students interested in additional hours may qualify to work as a MASS Tutor as well. 
  • An interest in developing interpersonal and communication skills
  • At least one semester at UC completed (by the start of employment)
  • A 3.0 GPA or above (must maintain a 3.0 University GPA and a 3.0 Term GPA in order to remain eligible for employment)
  • A B+ or above in the selected courses connected to position

Applicants who advance to the interview phase of the consideration process will be required to submit at least 1 reference and are encouraged to submit 2 references. The one required reference is strongly encouraged to be from the Mathematics Department. Students should solicit references from UC faculty or staff who have seen the student's academic, leadership, and communication skills. Applicants will be asked to provide a reference as part of the application. A reference form will be sent to the listed reference(s). References do not need to write letters of recommendation. 

References should not include personal or family friends or other UC students.

How to Apply

Once you have reviewed the position responsibilities and qualifications, go back to the Student Employment main page and apply. You are able to select more than one position you want to apply for within the application, but you should not select all positions.

Questions? Contact the Learning Commons Front Desk at (513) 556-3244 or email the professional staff member supervising the position. Go to the Learning Commons Professional Staff page for details on the supervisor you should contact.