Peer Leader Program

Peer Leaders within the Learning Commons are upper-class students who provide academic support, mentor and facilitate Learning Community (LC) meetings throughout the year. Peer Leaders are responsible for leading Learning Community meetings each week with content focused on the First Year Target Learning Areas, planning and implementing social events for LC students, and providing individual and small group mentoring.

Peer Leaders attend weekly meetings, have weekly office hours, and develop lesson plans to meet the needs of their students. Peer Leaders must have experience and the academic background needed to address the academic needs and interests of their students.

An important role of Peer Leaders is collaborating with faculty, advisors, organizations, and others to give students a high quality LC experience that prepares them for subsequent academic accomplishments.

Being a Peer Leader has helped me grow in so many ways! The skills I developed as a Peer leader include being able to have better time management, learn how to stand up for myself, be organized and just overall be a better instructor. I learned a lot about mentoring in this role and so far have loved it and want to continue to learn how to be a better facilitator. This role has helped me grow so much personally and professionally because I have had to work a lot on my confidence personally in this role when it comes to conflict with students or bad comments. As for professionally, I have learned how to be a better listener and how to take criticism better!