Meet the Tutors

Headshot of Annie W.

Annie W.

Major: Speech Language and Hearing Sciences
Year: Sophomore

Annie is a second-year undergraduate student studying Speech Language and Hearing Sciences. She is involved in NSSHLA and MC2 on campus. She enjoys running, eating Skyline, and going to sporting events.

Headshot of Autumn K.

Autumn K.

Major: History and Liberal Arts
Year: Sophomore

Autumn is a second-year History and Liberal Arts student and is also pursuing minors/certificates in Sport Media and Promotion, Sport Administration, Management, Legal Studies, and Business Law. She is originally from a small town in southeastern Kentucky. In addition to working a tutor at the Academic Writing Center, Autumn is a member of the UC Women's Golf team, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Phi Alpha Delta, and the University Honors Program. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering, hanging out with friends, exploring the city, and cheering on the Bearcats!

Headshot of Carly F.

Carly F.

Major: International Affairs
Year: Senior

Carly is a senior studying International Affairs with plans to go into public service after graduation. She is a believer in the power of the writing process to clarify our thoughts and challenge our presuppositions, and her favorite literary works are A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens and the Calvin and Hobbes comics.

Headshot of Joseph O.

Joseph O.

Major: English
Year: Graduate

Joseph is a English PhD student whose research interests include Jewish-American literature, humor, modernism, and film studies. He has years of tutoring experience and has worked previously as the Assistant Coordinator of the Academic Resource and Writing Centers at Ohio Dominican University.

Headshot of Kristen C.

Kristen C.

Major: Community and Organizational Research for Action
Year: Graduate

Kristen is a fifth-year doctoral student in the Community and Organizational Research for Action program in the Psychology Department. Her main areas of research include allyship, leadership, diversity, and the intersection of these concepts. She earned her B.S. and M.S. degrees in Psychology at Georgia Southern University in 2014 and 2016, respectively. In her free time, Kristen enjoys running, hiking, spending time with her 90lb lap dog, and cooking new recipes.

Headshot of Madeleine M.

Madeleine M.

Major: Political Science and History
Year: Senior

Maddie is a fourth-year undergraduate student who is majoring in political science and history. She is looking forward to helping her peers improve their writing abilities. When she is not studying, she enjoys hiking, traveling, and playing with her cat.

Headshot of Mika K.

Mika K.

Major: Fine Arts & Art History
Year: Senior

Mika (Mee-ka) is a fourth-year with a double major in Fine Arts and Art History. She is on the executive boards for three video game clubs on campus. When not helping students improve their writing assignments in the AWC, Mika enjoys gaming with friends, eating Graeter’s ice cream, and taming her Roborovski hamster Eris.

Headshot of Natasha M.

Natasha M.

Major: Criminal Justice
Year: Graduate

Natasha is a sixth year Criminal Justice Doctoral Student. Her research interests are early intervention and juvenile justice system policy. She joined the Academic Writing Center to help students become a better writer, and to indulge her love of writing. 

Headshot of Nicholas M.

Nicholas M.

Major: Secondary Education
Year: Senior

Nick is a Secondary Education - English/Language Arts major. He enjoys reading and is looking forward to exploring literature with his future students. Outside of studying, he also enjoys running and being outside. 

Headshot of Rena L.

Rena L.

Major: Medical Sciences and English
Year: Junior

Rena is in her third year at UC majoring in both English: Literary and Cultural Studies & Medical Sciences. When she’s not studying or helping students at the AWC, she’s walking around campus, watching Jeopardy! and playing Catan. 

Headshot of Savannah S.

Savannah S.

Major: Educational Studies
Year: Graduate

Savannah is a doctoral student in Educational Studies studying chemistry education for students with learning disabilities. She enjoys reading, writing, gardening, dogs, and all nerdy things.

Headshot of Skyler L.

Skyler L.

Major: Marketing and Anthropology
Year: Senior

Skyler is a fourth year at UC studying Marketing and Anthropology. She is also involved with many other on campus organizations, like Lindner Women in Business, CHAARG, and UCMC.

Headshot of Sophia J.

Sophia J.

Major: Creative Writing
Year: Senior

Sophia Judge is a fourth year creative writing major and copy editing and publishing certificate student at UC. She enjoys writing poetry, cooking and baking, and playing board games with her friends. Sophia is originally from Akron, Ohio and is a huge fan of the Cleveland Indians— Go Tribe!

Headshot of Tiffany T.

Tiffany T.

Major: Creative Writing/Literature
Year: Graduate

Tiffany is a second-year nonfiction Ph.D. student in the University of Cincinnati Creative Writing/Literature Program. She is a 2020 graduate of the University of Iowa’s Nonfiction Writing Program. She has taught creative writing and literature classes at Alabama State University, Hobart and William Smith College, and the University of Iowa.

Headshot of Trevor D.

Trevor D.

Major: English Literary and Cultural Studies
Year: Junior

Trevor is a third year English Literary and Cultural Studies major at UC, who, in addition to working as an Academic Writing Center Tutor, is pursuing a certificate in Copyediting and Publishing and working as a Learning Community peer leader. He is from Louisville, KY and currently lives in Clifton.