Peer Facilitation

The University of Cincinnati offers two courses to aid first-year students in their academic endeavors:

  1. MLTI 1075 - Discovering UC
  2. PRFS 1001 - First Year Experience in the CECH

These courses are structured in a way that allow students to explore career paths and develop skills and insights that will aid in having a successful academic career. These courses are supplemented with discussion sections facilitated by Peer Facilitators.

MLTI 1075: Discovering UC is designed to help exploratory students find their best-fit major.  Taught by Exploratory Academic Advisors, the course allows first-year students to explore all majors, programs and services offered at UC. 

PRFS 1001: First Year Experience in the CECH is designed for first year students in CECH. The course prepares students to successfully navigate their first year academically and socially at UC. The course will focus on navigating campus resources, developing academic habits and soft skills such as critical thinking and time management, and then applying this knowledge and skills to successfully transition to UC and college.

MLTI 1075 and PRFS 1001 help you...

  • Identify campus resources and personal talents that can be leveraged for academic and career success
  • Design a support network for success in their first year and beyond at UC
  • Explore a variety of programs and services offered at UC
  • Utilize guidance from Instructors and Peer Facilitators within the program

Who are Peer Facilitators?

Peer Facilitators within the Learning Commons are upper-level students who attend weekly seminars and lead weekly discussion groups with students enrolled in the Discovering UC, Quest for Success in the Liberal Arts, and First Year Experience in CECH courses. Peer Facilitators are responsible for communicating with course instructors to create conducive learning environments, promoting the development of skills related to First Year Target Learning Areas, and providing individual and small group mentoring.

Peer Facilitators attend weekly meetings, hold weekly office hours, and prepare materials for individual discussion sections. Peer Facilitators must be able to assist first-year students in their transition to UC and provide their students high quality support that prepares them for subsequent academic accomplishments. 

Being a PF has allowed me to develop professional communication skills, along with problem solving skills. I now have better academic habits as well since I have to teach my students study habits and tips.