Academic Writing Center

Academic Writing Center Summer Hours

The Academic Writing Center (AWC) is open for the summer semester.

Monday: 11 AM-5 PM
Tuesday: 11 AM-5 PM 
Wednesday: 11 AM-5 PM
Thursday: 11 AM-5 PM
Friday: Closed

In-person AWC appointments are located on the main floor of Langsam Library.

The Academic Writing Center provides UC students with free writing assistance. Please note, Academic Writing Center appointments are offered both in-person and online. Students should make note of the location when they make an appointment. If you would like a trained writing tutor to help you get started on your writing assignment or review your writing, make an appointment or submit your paper for feedback. 

AWC Tutoring Services

The Academic Writing Center offers in-person appointments as well as two online services for students: AWC Online and AWC Tutor Feedback. These services are accessible for all UC students, so read below to see which one is best for you. Be sure to check out more resources on our Writing Resources page

AWC In-Person

AWC In-Person allows students to meet with AWC tutors in-person to work on their papers and projects. If you're meeting in-person, bring two printed copies (or send a digital copy to the AWC email), prompts and instructions from the professor, research materials (if applicable), and any questions or concerns about the draft.

After scheduling the appointment, you will be emailed a confirmation notice for your appointment. At the time of your appointment, you will check in at the Front Desk in the AWC (Langsam 401N). Then, you will meet with an AWC tutor to discuss your work.

AWC Online

AWC Online allows students to video conference with AWC Tutors and work on their papers online and in real-time through Zoom.

After scheduling the appointment, you will be emailed a link to an online video conference room. At the time of your appointment, ensure that you are in the video conference room to discuss your writing with your tutor.  

AWC Tutor Feedback

With AWC Tutor Feedback, you can submit essays of six pages or less that are double-spaced, or three pages or less that are single-spaced, and one of the AWC tutors will review it, respond with helpful feedback, and email your draft back to you within 48 hours (potentially longer on weekends and around holidays).

Please note that submissions will not be reviewed while the AWC is closed. Submit your essays via the feedback submission form. Our tutors will respond within 48 hours, or potentially longer on weekends and holidays. 

Schedule an Appointment

The best way to meet with a tutor is to schedule an appointment. Doing so secures your time with a specific tutor of your choosing. Please schedule an appointment by clicking the "schedule an appointment" button above or by phone at (513) 556-3912.

AWC Philosophy Statement

The Academic Writing Center (AWC) aims to promote a collaborative understanding of writing and composing practices. In working with our tutors, we hope students will view writing as a means of better understanding course content, critical thinking, innovation, creativity, and reflective practices.

The AWC prioritizes student-directed composing practices, such as brainstorming, organizing, expanding, analyzing, or revising. However, the AWC is not an editing service—this means our tutors are specifically trained to focus on higher-order concerns such as clarity, cohesion, and critical thought, instead of grammatical correctness.

The AWC tutors will work directly with the student text. During appointments, students will read their work aloud, collaborate with the pen or keyboard in hand, and engage in conversation with the tutor. Tutors will facilitate, guide, and assist, but they will not, and cannot, do the work for the student.

Questions about the AWC?

If you have any questions regarding the Academic Writing Center, please email or call the AWC Front Desk at (513) 556-3912.