Self-Report Your First Destination

Did you recently graduate from the University of Cincinnati? Congratulations! We would love to know what you're up to. Help us by self-reporting your First Destination.

Why should I self-report?

Every year, the University of Cincinnati reaches out to recent graduates about their status.

The First Destination Survey helps us answer frequently-asked questions about our graduates, like:

  • How many recent graduates have a full-time job in their career field?
  • How many recent graduates are considering graduate school or still defining their next steps?
  • What is the average compensation of a recent graduate?
  • How satisfied are recent graduates with their situation?

Responses are aggregated into an annual report that helps current students learn what they can expect after graduation and helps the University more effectively meet students' needs in the future.

The survey takes approximately three to five minutes to complete. We hope to hear from you!

Which survey should I take?

The survey you should take is based on your graduation date and degree level. The table below will guide you to the right survey for you!

First Destination Survey Guide
I graduated in... With an undergraduate degree (e.g., BS, BA, AS, AA) With a graduate degree (e.g., MS, MA, MBA, JD, MD, PhD)
August 2021, December 2021 or April 2022 Take the Survey Take the Survey

Can UC help me with career planning?

Yes! We care about your success and are committed to serve as a resource for your career planning. Career coaching is free for current UC students and alumni. We invite you to schedule an appointment with a career coach today.