Prospective Cadets

Cadet Shadow Program

Who: Prospective Air Force ROTC students, high school or college
What: We pair interested students with a freshman or sophomore cadet as they participate in weekly Aerospace Studies and Leadership training, you get to be a cadet for a day with no pressure and ask lots of questions.
When: Every Thursday afternoon throughout the school year
Where: Calhoun Building - 2585 Dennis Street, Suite 1100M-N Cincinnati, OH 45221
Why: Seeing things first-hand is usually the best way to make an assessment.  Prospective students can get an idea of what our training is and experience the atmosphere of a team-centered training environment.  Pairing you with someone relatively new in the program let's you get to know thier experience and what you can expect if you decide to join the team.  
How: Email: to set up an appointment today!
Our class schedule: Aerospace Studies: Every Thursday from 1:25PM-2:20PM, Leadership Laboratory: Every Thursday from 4:00PM-5:50PM

AFROTC New Student Orientation Program

Called "N-SOP" for short, this is an orientation day for incoming cadets from all of our area schools.  Parents are welcome and we typically hold this event the Saturday before classes begin at the University of Cincinnati.  At this event, the Detachment Commmander adresses future cadets and thier parents to discuss our program and what you can expect from him and the rest of the staff.  There are brief presentations on scholarships and cool summer opportunities like the the Freefall and Glider programs at the Air Force Academy, or summer internships with the Space Force.  Finally, the cadet leadership talks you through the weekly schedule and answers any remaining questions.  Parents are usually dismissed before lunch while the new cadets meet thier peers and cadet leadership while doing some fun activities and ultimately eating pizza.  The orientation event is designed to get new cadets and thier parents from nervous to EXCITED about getting started!