Our Detachment

Color Guard

Produce Mission-focused Leaders that personify Service and inspire Excellence through:

  • Leadership that values performance, rewards excellence, and inspires commitment
  • Dynamic Training focused on fitness, field-training preparation, service, and personal/professional development
  • Education that instills academic and professional excellence through instruction, motivation and oversight
  • First-class Unit Support that enables uninterrupted mission focus
  • Culture of mutual respect, self-discipline, and esprit d’ corps
  • 2007 - Northeast Region Outstanding Small Detachment
  • 2009 - Northeast Region Outstanding Medium Detachment
  • 2012 - Northeast Region Outstanding Medium Detachment
  • 2015 - Northeast Region Outstanding Large Detachment
  • 2017 - Northeast Region Outstanding Medium Detachment
  • 2018 - Northeast Region Outstanding Large Detachment
  • 2020 - Northeast Region Outstanding Large Detachment

Every Thursday more than 100 students walk around the University of Cincinnati’s campus in their Air Force uniforms. These are the proud cadets of UC’s Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps.

The tradition of military training at the University of Cincinnati began in 1917. The Air Force came to campus after the branch’s creation in 1947. Today, AFROTC is the largest commissioning source for the Air Force, producing quality officer candidates who serve in a broad spectrum of career fields. The University of Cincinnati Air Force ROTC detachment grew over the years to now include cross-town cadets from Xavier University, Thomas Moore College, and Northern Kentucky University.

We are currently 106 cadets strong. We can normally range between 70-120 cadets at any time. This is considered a large detachment for the national level of AFROTC in which we compete against other detachments to be ranked number one. Even though we strive to be the best in our region we do not see our cadets as just a number - we have a strong focus on the adacemics and health of each and every cadet in the program. Need a mentor or even a tutor? Every cadet is also a student and the upperclassmen have taken the same classes as the underclassman so the amount of help available is limitless. 

Focus Areas:

  • Academics
  • Fitness
  • Service
  • Social
  • Leadership