Already Completed First Year of College or More?

Air Force ROTC is designed to be a four year program.  However, we have many options to help you complete the program if you're past your freshman year in college.  For exceptionally motivated candidates, we can combine the first and second year of Aerospace Science requirements to get you caught up after the first year; many prior-service candidates take this option. 

Additionally, many students look at their academic schedules and realize that after adding the AFROTC curriculum, they are scheduled for over 15-18 credit hours each semester.  By extending their undergraduate timeline by one or two semesters, they are able to reduce their semesterly workload to 12-15 credit hours.  This strategy allows cadets to focus on quality over quantity, accomplish a higher GPA, and compete for more AFROTC scholarships and opportunities!  To introduce some additional flexibility, AFROTC requires cadets to be full-time students for all but thier very last semester and we often have cadets who are not full-time students in their final semester.  

Every student's schedule is different and the cadre at Det 665 will gladly make an appointment with you to discuss your professional and academic plan.  Call or email the detachment and we'll send you some standard program information and let you know what to bring with you to your appointment.