Enrichment Opportunities

Early-Arrival Program

Students move into the residence hall one week before classes start and participate in workshops and activities that:

  1. Promote a smooth transition from high school
  2. Enhance sense of community within the cohort, the Gen-1 Program, and the University of Cincinnati at large
  3. Finalize any outstanding financial aid issues

Professional Development Courses

Facilitated through Experience Based Learning and Career Education (ELCE), First-Year Gen-1 students take PD 1100- Success Strategies I & PD 2100- Service and Success Strategies II; a two-term sequence that introduces a variety of unviersity success skills, and builds academic and personal, competence and confidence to thrive at the university level.

The PD 2070- Professionalism and Purpose course prepares second-year Gen-1 students to maximize learning and career-readiness through a major/career-related internship.

Program Advising

Students receive structured and timely advisement by the Gen-1/1MPACT Program Staff, in addition to Academic Advisement through their College. Students meet with their Gen-1/1MPACT House Advisor 1-2 times per semester and discuss semester and year-long academic plans, progress toward degree completion, and professional development/career readiness.

Second-Year Leadership Development Opportunity

Second-Year students spend two days at Camp Joy to develop, enhance, and apply their leadership skills through intentional and structured curriculum facilitated by Camp Joy and Gen-1/1MPACT House Staff. This training equips Second-Year students with the necessary leadership skills to lead, guide, and support the next cohort.