Policies and Procedures

Currently, most reserve recordings are unnecessary due to digitized recordings being made available on Canvas. If assistance is needed to digitize and upload to Canvas, the O'Connor Center can help.

To leave recordings on reserve in the O'Connor Center, an instructor must consult with the Center's supervisor. The instructor must obtain the recordings for reserve through his or her department. In most cases the recordings can be left and made available immediately. The recordings can be removed by the instructor at any time or left on reserve for as long a period as deemed necessary.

To reserve the O'Connor Center itself for use of a class or other purposes, and instructor must schedule the facility at least a day in advance through the Center's supervisor. Availability of the O'Connor Center depends upon staffing and other potential scheduling conflicts.

The process for placement testing is undergoing an evolution. Please contact wilsone@ucmail.uc.edu for the current status of the procedure.

Below are the service charges:                                        
Description of service



Video Duplication/
Format Transfer
Cassette Repair $1.00/each + parts ($3.00 parts max)    
note: the above services are free to the faculty and staff of the language departments      
Compact Disc $1.00/each    
DVD-R Disc $1.50/each    
Digitizing media Ask about specific instances