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French and Spanish Placement Testing (Summer and Fall 2023)

General Information

The goal of the placement test is to determine which language course best fits students´ previous language experiences. The test does not have any impact on their admission to UC. They cannot fail a language placement test.

For Summer and Fall 2023, students are not required to take the French or Spanish Placement test, but they are strongly recommended to do so[1]. The test is online, non-proctored, and totally free for students. They can take the test once. To request a second chance, they must email Emmanuel Wilson (

Students can take the French and Spanish placement test here.

Students will save time and money by taking only the courses they need to meet their Foreign Language Requirement (FLR). Students fulfil the FLR by completing the last course of the sequence (1002/1014) or higher.

It is advantageous/beneficial for students who have had previous language experience to place in the appropriate course prior to or at the beginning of the semester. Students will save time, money, and frustration by placing into an appropriate course. If they realize they are in an inappropriate course, they have to drop it, find the appropriate course, and hope to get into that new course before the add/drop period expires.

[1] If a student has never taken a language class and has never been widely exposed to the language, then the student does not need to take the placement test. He/She/They can enroll in 1001/1011.

After taking the placement test:

Students are recommended to take the class they are placed into as they will be more likely to successfully complete it, but they are not required. If they are placed into 1002/1012 or higher, they can receive advanced standing FREE credit (retroactively) in the language, up to a maximum of 10 credit hours, upon successful completion of the course they test into (C- or higher)[1]. For example, if a student is placed into FREN 1012 and earns a C- or better, he/she/they can receive free credits for FREN 1011[2].

Credits the Students can receive based on placement score

If placed in and after successfully completing the course (C- or higher) …

The student will receive credits for …


5 credits - 1001


3 credits - 1011


6 credits – 1011 and 1012


9 credits – 1011, 1012, and 1013


10 credits – 1001 and 1002


9 credits – 2015, 1014, 1013

3001 / 3002

9 credits – 2016, 2015, 1014

If they have problems with the link, they must contact Emmanuel Wilson (

If they have questions about their placement, they must contact:

[1] At this moment, the advance standing credit policy only applies to A&S students.
[2] No advance credits will be awarded if they student does not take the higher class where he/she/they is placed into and successfully complete the course with a C- or higher.

German and Italian Placement Testing (Summer and Fall 2023)

The process for placement testing is undergoing an evolution. Please contact for the current status of the procedure.