Dr. Patricia W. O'Connor World Languages and Cultures Center

The Dr. Patricia W. O'Connor World Languages and Cultures Center exists to provide a space where individuals and small groups can use instructional technology and media outside of a classroom environment. Some technology and media are available within the O'Connor Center. Other technology can be brought in for use. The O'Connor Center is also a place for social gatherings. At the very least a person can enjoy the view from our windows. 

Some kinds of technical support is available to faculty.

The O'Connor Center is located in room 4105 in Clifton Court Hall. When the building officially opens, for the summer we will be open Mondays-Fridays, 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

For students, we have 3 computers permanently installed with internet access. The current configuration for the computers does include a DVD/RW drive in each. Most users will likely bring their own laptops.

There are DVD's for viewing in the O'Connor Center. The videos are in only a few languages, and they are not duplicated for home use. Some other services can be found  under Policies and Procedures.


Policies and Procedures

Currently, most reserve recordings are unnecessary due to digitized recordings being made available on Canvas. If assistance is needed to digitize and upload to Canvas, the O'Connor Center can help.

To leave recordings on reserve in the Center, an instructor must consult with the Center's supervisor. The instructor must obtain the recordings for reserve through his or her department. In most cases the recordings can be left and made available immediately. The recordings can be removed by the instructor at any time or left on reserve for as long a period as deemed necessary.

To reserve the O'Connor Center itself for use of a class or other purposes we are starting to use 25Live. 

Below are the service charges:                                        
Description of service Fees    
Video Duplication/
Format Transfer*
Compact Disc $1.00/each    
DVD-R Disc $1.50/each    
Digitizing media Ask about specific instances    

* these services are free to the faculty and staff of the language departments