Support Groups

Students getting to know each other sitting in the LGBTQ Center

The LGBTQ Center offers a number of recurring support and social groups peer-led by PRISM Mentors. Please feel free to stop in. They are open to everyone on campus. These are always evolving. They meet once a week in the LGBTQ Center. Shades of the Rainbow meets in the AACRC. Click the button below to find specific dates and times on CampusLINK.

"Inside Out" is a support group focused on positive mental health for the LGBTQ community at UC. Whether you have questions, are working through coming out, looking to build a community, or just want coffee, this is the place for you. This group is provided in collaboration with Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS).

A safe space for open and honest dialogue surrounding the intersections of the LGBTQ+ community and spiritual practices. Members of the queer community who are spiritual or not are welcome to come discuss the impact of spirituality in their lives and meet like-minded individuals. This group is provided in collaboration with the Edge House.

Kaleidoscope is a peer-led discussion group for students who identify as transgender, gender non-conforming, non-binary, and no label. 

Shades of the Rainbow is a peer-led discussion group for those identifying as LGBTQ and a person of color. Connect with new friends, build your community, and support each other. This group meets in the AACRC.

The Bi/Pan Discussion Group is a peer-led group for those identifying as bisexual and pansexual.