Trainings and Presentations

The LGBTQ+ community faces several unique challenges, needs, obstacles and oppressions. As a UC community, we are devoted to making sure all students, staff, and faculty have a campus environment that meets their needs, provides appropriate resources, and creates an environment that supports their educational, professional and social goals.

LGBTQ Training Curriculum

The UC LGBTQ Center offers monthly Safe Zone Ally, Advocate & Activist Training workshops. These regularly scheduled trainings allow for members of our campus community to gain access to resources, information, and strategies to increase their adovcacy and allyship for the LGBTQ community. To register for an open enrollment session visit CampusLink

The Fall 2022 Safe Zone Trainings will take place in Tangeman University Center (TUC) 400C on:

  • Wednesday, January 18
    • 09:00am – 11:00pm – Ally Training 
    • 12:00pm - 02:00pm – Advocate Training 
  • Thursday, February 16
    • 09:00am – 11:00pm – Ally Training 
    • 12:00pm - 02:00pm – Advocate Training 
  • Monday, March 20
    • 09:00am – 11:00pm – Ally Training 
    • 12:00pm - 02:00pm – Advocate Training  
    • 03:30pm – 05:30pm – Activist Training 
  • Thursday, April 6
    • 09:00am – 11:00pm – Ally Training 
    • 12:00pm - 02:00pm – Advocate Training  
  • Activist Trainings
    • Wednesday, March 22, 09:00am – 11:00pm
    • Wednesday, April 19, 09:00am – 11:00pm

To assist with this, the LGBTQ Center offers  trainings to assist in better understanding and advocating for LGBTQ students, faculty, and staff at UC. Additionally, on a limited basis, we offer trainings and classroom presentations designed for classes, departments, and organizations to assist them in creating LGBTQ affirming environments and course materials. If you would like to request a specific training, please reach out to the LGBTQ Center staff via email. 


If you are interested in requesting a program/presentation for your department or organization, please email the LGBTQ Center staff to request a specific training. Pending the availability of the staff, you will receive an email from the UC LGBTQ Center Staff confirming your request.

The LGBTQ Center enjoys the opportunity to work with faculty, staff, and students to design presentations to fit the unique needs classes, departments, and organizations. Because of the high volume of requests, but limited number of staff, we can only accommodate a select number of presentations. So, if you're requesting a presentation, please provide a two weeks notice. Program start times must be no later than 8pm.

Ally Training

Ally Training seeks to increase the visible presence of students, staff, and faculty who can help shape a campus culture that is accepting of all people regardless of sexuality, gender identity, or gender expression. Training topics and exercises include: learning identity terminology associated with the LGBTQ community, issues faced by the LGBTQ students while navigating institutions of higher education, ways that allies can work to create inclusive spaces, and resources available both on- and off-campus. 

Advocate Training

Advocate training builds upon the knowledge participants gained in Ally Training. While Advocate training seeks to deepen participant’s knowledge around the issues and needs of the LGBTQ community, it is designed to be even more interactive.  LGBTQ Advocate training builds its curriculum around community dialogue and collaboration and is designed to give participants both the knowledge and skills to act as an advocate for LGBTQ students, staff and faculty. 

Activist Training

LGBTQ Activist training is a fully intersectional LGBTQ training designed to assist participants in understanding the roots of oppression, and provide training in social activism to enable participants to stand up for justice, equity, and equality in the LGBTQ Community. The training is designed to provide participants the skills they need to effectively create change.  Using an experiential approach, the training provides the practical tools and insights that participants can use for growth, transformation, and empowerment, and to create a ripple effect across the UC community.

Transgender Inclusive Training

Transgender Inclusive Training is designed to explore the spectrum of transgender, gender nonconforming, and gender question identities and expressions. This workshop will prepare participants to understand and address the needs of transgender students. Training topics include: identity terminology related to sex and gender, issues faced by transgender students as they navigate institutions of higher education, and ways to practices transgender inclusion.