Accommodated Testing

Testing Services coordinates the administration of classrooms tests for students with disabilities at University of Cincinnati. Students must be registered with UC's Accessibility Resources to receive testing accommodations and to take tests in our center.

Accommodated Testing for Spring Semester 2021

In order to utilize your testing accommodations, you will first need to contact Accessibility Resources to register with their office. Once you have registered with Accessibility Resources, you will receive a document from their office which you must share with each of your faculty members.

  • If you are taking a class that is 100% online (no in person classes) you will work directly with your instructor to receive your approved testing accommodations. If you or your instructor need assistance setting up your remote accommodations, please contact Clifton Testing Services.
  • If you are taking a class that is 100% online, but due to a manifestation of your disability you would like to talk with Accessibility Resources about alternative arrangements, please contact the Accommodation Coordinator associated with your home college:
    • Matthew Sauer:  -  Arts and Sciences, Social Work, CECH (Criminal Justice, Education and Human Services) Adult Learning Center
    •  Whitney Saunders:  -  Allied Health, Business, CCM, DAAP, Engineering, Nursing, Pharmacy
    • Michael Southern:  -  College of Law and College of Medicine
  • If you are taking a class that meets in person for exams at Uptown Campus (Clifton), you are eligible to test in person at 1000 French Hall West. Register here for your accommodated test using your Central Login (6+2) username and password.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

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