Loss Control & Training

What is loss control?

Loss control is taking proactive measures to prevent or reduce claims associated with accidents, property damage, injury, etc.  Training is a key way to reduce losses, along with leadership support, clear ownership and accountability, adequate written policies and standard operating procedures, and ongoing monitoring and risk assessments. The aim of loss control is to reduce the frequency and severity of losses. Loss control is only achieved through the firm commitment of personnel at all levels within the University.

Access the self-led trainings below.  As always, we welcome your questions.  Contact Enterprise Risk Management at ERM@uc.edu or (513) 558-5042 during business hours.

  • Drones: Learn more about our stance on the new FAA UAS regulations, and what we are doing moving forward.
  • Fleet Safety: Learn more about the driver authorization and review process to keep our community safe on the road.
  • Protection of Minors: Learn more about how to spot and report sexual misconduct and protect minors on our campus.
  • Special Events: Learn more about the risk management considerations when planning a special event on campus.
  • Student Organizations: Learn more about risk management strategies, including insurance, for student organizations.