Special Events

What is a special event?

Special events can be sponsored by the University, students, or an outside entity, and can involve:

  • Food services and/or alcohol;
  • Guests, spectators, and/or keynote speakers; 
  • Using temporary stands, structures and wiring;
  • Impact on traffic flows and/or road closures;
  • Potential dangers for spectators (e.g. fireworks); and/or
  • Use of volunteers and security officers to carry out the event.

UC's various colleges, departments and units schedule hundreds of special events per year!

Best Practices to Minimize Losses

  • Thorough Planning -- All operational plans should be in writing and specify who is responsible for each action.
  • Frequent Communication -- Convene a team with representation from all key stakeholders throughout the planning process.  A variety of perspectives will lead to solid plans and solutions for your event.
  • Adequate Management  --  Ensure your event has the proper supervision (including clear chain of command), training on applicable policies and procedures, and other necessary resources. 
  • Safe Physical Conditions or Acts -- Evaluate the physical environment, cleanliness, ventilation, crowd control plans and duration prior to the event.
  • Contingency Plans -- Always be prepared for the unexpected, for example, weather conditions, facilities issues, etc. and do not let one mishap trigger a series of failures.
  • Insurance -- All special events (whether University sponsored or on University premises) should have adequate insurance coverage.

Tenant User Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP)

Third parties hosting events on University property are required to provide a Certificate of Insurance, which is proof of coverage for claims that may arise from the event.  The type and amount of coverage and its associated cost, which is the financial responsibility of the third party host, may depend on:

  • Risk class of the activity (for example, a workshop vs. a concert);
  • Length of the activity;
  • Number of participants; and
  • Any special requirements (for example, serving alcohol).

Next Steps

As soon as practicable, but at least three business days in advance of your event, the University department/group involved in planning the event must:

For additional questions, Ask a Risk Manager.