Public Safety

Special Events

Special events held on UC campuses often require a permit and the presence of security officers. A special event can be defined as a comedy show, concert, dance, football game, picnic, etc. Special permits are also required for tents and grills.

Key Steps to Hosting a Special Event on Campus:

Step 1 – Contact Conference & Event Services at 513-558-1810 to reserve the room or area in which you want to hold your event. To hold an event in Kresge Auditorium, call 513-558-4186 or use the online reservation system.

Step 2 – Contact Public Safety Special Events at 513-556-4902 for permitting and security needs. At special events, officers enforce the rules and regulations of the University of Cincinnati and as well as state laws. The criteria used to determine if a security presence is needed is outlined in the UC Use of Facilities Policy Manual.

Step 3 – Contact Conference & Event Services for assistance with electrical, grounds, housekeeping, fire safety and equipment needs.

Forms and Helpful Resources:

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