Public Safety

Crime Statistics

The Department of Public Safety is committed to enhancing campus safety and reducing crime.

Since 2008, crime on and around UC's Uptown campus has steadily decreased. This is due, in part, to the many proactive strategies implemented by the department and university to create a safe place to study, work and live. These strategies include:

  • Creation of a database to track crime patterns occurring on and around campus;
  • Development of a Crime Calendar to anticipate potential increases in crime in order to allocate needed resources;
  • Increased number of police officers and security officers;
  • Educational campaign to raise awareness about campus safety;
  • Partnership with Cincinnati Police Department to provide additional visibility and inter-agency coordination;
  • Enhanced street lighting.

Helpful Resources:

UCPD Incident Dashboard

UCPD's Incident Dashboard is an interactive webpage that includes information about incidents, offenses and contact cards.

Annual Reports:

Mental Health Response Calls for Service and Stops